Mat, fillet, Mat... with a bullet?

Donna at MetroAF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 6, 2005
Roseville, MN
Ok, so we're doing up this Chip Shot and a Hold Tight. Both of these have special items in them. One has a crossbow bolt and one bullet casing, the other has 4 shot shells.

Do you have any suggestions for a really good ahdesive (other than hot glue), that would have a good hold?

What is a "Chip Shot" if not on a golf course, and a "Hold Tight" is what I used to tell the girls on my motorcycle.....

Spring steel wire clamps encase with Plasti-dip or shrink wrap, comes to mind..

and yes Silicone and hot glue are both clambering for attention in my pea brain right now... :D
Donna: The crossbow bolt and possible the bullet casing may be able to be attached using the EZ-Tack. Shot shells are another animal but I did see a nice job on some using Tullie (sic).
I like to sew these types of items to backings. Don't know if that can be easily done with the casing but the bolt would be easy. Just use a thread similar in color to your object and loop aoround it in 2 or more places. I just don't like to use adhesives on objects that people want to save for sentimental reasons or value for that matter. If this is just for show with no sentiment attatched, then glue away.