Mat Corner Tab Separators

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Aug 17, 2002
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For those of you guys who use the Larson-Juhl Mat Corner Tab Separators (item # 20199), a question:

The separators apparently now come with “pre-printed labels”. Neither my sales rep nor some guy at the distribution center in Massachusetts can tell me if these labels are loosely affixed or permanently adhered to the separators.

How easily are these labels to remove from the corner tabs? The plastic material used in previous tab separators react very unfavorably to solvents like lighter fluid.
This doesn't directly answer your question, but I got dividers from my Crescent rep that are plain black. The labels came in a separate stack.
The first batch of seperators I got were beautiful, 3" numbers. Problem is I use the 4" mat samples!

I cut a set, but that ate a lot more mat board than I thought it would. 3 months after using them I yanked them all out. After all they take up space in the rack and I can't sell them, so got rid of them.
Mine came from Bainbridge. Three sets. All cut for the four inch corners. Lovely set. Used some of one set for Artique mats, which took care of that problem.
Thanks, Meghan.


Meghan mentioned that the separators from Crescent were supplied with labels but they were not attached to the separators.

How about the separators from Bainbridge? Do they come with labels and, if so, are the labels attached or are they loose?

I have my own peculiar way of organizing my mat samples, and don’t wish to be herded into sorting the samples the way the mat board manufacturers think I should.
When we switched to 4" corner samples we didn't have enough dividers. I took one to the nearby plastic fabrication shop where my divider was used as a template to make more than I need (just in case!). He used a black plastic, less than 1/8" but thicker than 1/16" (maybe it's metric?).

Anyway they are just what I wanted and were cheap because he was able to use up his scrap.

Originally posted by ERIC:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr /> less than 1/8" but thicker than 1/16" (maybe it's metric?)
Nope. 3/32". :D </font>[/QUOTE]1/8" = .125", 1/16" = .0625"

Maybe it's .100" plexi. Or .098". Those are two sizes the plexi sheets I get for framing are.
bill--sorry I didn't respond sooner. Yes, I got both printed and blank separators; just don't forget, the printed separators match their color cataloguing system; hence, you'll have yellow, yello-orange, orange, red-ornge, etc. So the colors are far more segmented than other dividers. But that said, you can also use the plain ones for whatever.

I think they're free but really don't remember because we got them when we got all our other completed corner samplesfrpom Bainbridge after we dumped and threw out Crescent as a supplier
I make my own using scrap plexi that I cut on the bandsaw. Just clean up the edges a bit with a file, and they look great. I make them slightly different widths for divisions within sections in the mat rack.
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