Mat Corner Sample Set?


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Jul 6, 2004
Torrance, California
Does anybody have a suggestion on a good company/website to order a Mat Corner Sample Set? I think I want to use Crescent board, I have been told that that is the most widely used an easiest to to find. Thanks
ok, put 'em up, put 'em up! Oh wait a minute, this is your 3rd post. Welcome to the Grumble. You probably don't even know you stuck a stick in a hornets nest.

Hmmm, easist thing would be contact Crescent.

Here's their website

I don't know what your situation is, but often you can get them to "no charge" the corner samples if they think you will be buying a lot from them.

Good Luck,
There are several ways and sources for this, it depends on who you are and what you are going to be doing with it.

You can check the Decor magazines annual Sources directory. In there you will find contact information for the manufacturers. You will also get info for their regional distributers, which are probably your best place to start.

I got my first set (before I bought a shop) from another shop that was moving and had a new set waiting for them in their new location. Many shops will replace their entire set every year or two - would you mind a used set?
All distributors of mat board will have corner sample sets.

Decor Moulding , Larson-Juhl and United MFRs are just three of many.

Most sets are packaged individually e.g. Papermat, Rag Mat, Silks, Suedes, etc. and vary greatly as to price.

Your profile said, “Not Yet” for a retail framer. This might be the time to contact a distributor and ask to speak to a sales representative. Tell him/her what your plans are and they may be able to give you tons of advise (a lot of it geared to selling you stuff, thought) and guide you in the right direction.
If I'm correct, you're located in Torrance. Valley Moulding in North Hollywood carries Crescent and Bainbridge. They are very friendly and helpful and offer some very good classes ;if that interests you. If you have the time, drop by a talk with them.

Valley Moulding & Frame
10708 Vanowen Street
N. Hollywood