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Mat Board Cutting Calculator



I am a retired photographer.
Over the years, I needed to frame a lot of photographs.
Not large enough to have it outsourced, I framed everything my self. 40 years ago I made my own mat-cutting program in the days of "CPM", then a "DOS" version, then "Windows", and now I have made a "Windows GUI" version. I built each version with the features, input-values, output-values and information for the way I cut mats and frame. I however believe others might like the way it works. I would have loved such a program when I first started framing.

It might be to simplistic for this forums average user, however if someone uses a simple "Logan", Fletcher", or "Dexter" style mat cutter, calculations are needed.

The graphical interface let me include a scaled drawing of the mat-board and art-photo area from the input data. You can see what the project will look like and if you change values, and re-calculate, see what effect the changes have.

If you use the software I would love feedback. (Good or Bad)

The software is small, fast, and free. It should run in Vista, Win-XP, 7, 8, 10.

Link to page with screen captures, download, and more information.


Thank You
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