Massive white moulding

Canton Crew

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Sep 17, 2004
Pagosa Springs, CO
OK, first, thanks for all the excellent replies to our baseball card frame - it worked out great and I will post an explanation and photo shortly.

I am looking for a large white moulding - simple and contemporary with a 2-3" face and at least an inch of depth. I am aware of the Studio and Larson lines, but they are not big enough for what we are doing (roughly 50 X 70) not just structurally, but visually.

Anybody know a vendor who has such a thing?
You might try Picture Woods. They have what they call "massives". They have a beautiful white finish they use which they could do for you if the moulding they have fits the bill.
Garrett Moulding
257-300x 2" wide 1-1/8" deep nice white

1800-654-3344, say hi to Lori.
In the words of Big Daddy Don Rumsfeld: Many Tanks, folks...

Hamster gets the prize (I'll buy you a beer next time you make the mistake of coming to Baltimore - we love beer here, makes our fetid town all misty and vaguely European looking...). Universal seems to have exactly what we will need.

Can't use Ramin (emulsion and liming wax are a great finish, but not for this) as the cust wants no grain, which also rules Garrett and PW out, though both of those companies have very fine products. Thanks again, love this site -

Another option is Roma, 80091009, 3 1/2" face and 1 1/8" rabbit (1 1/4" deep), matte white finish, they also have a real chunky matte white 3" face and 2 1/2" deep.


Glad you found what you were looking for.

If I'm ever in you neck of the woods, I'll be sure to look you up. Love me a good beer!

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.