Masked Oval

Baer Charlton

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
May 24, 2004
Couldn't find an oval 12x20 4" deep so I had to laminate one 1/16" of Rock Maple at a time and a lot of corner weld. Shellac sealed. Building a steam box that works was the hard part, but now I have a better compo steamer.
The glass is TV Museum, the fabric is Frank's
suede. Stitched to mounting block with 100lb wire whip leader. Mount block screwed to backing board with brass screws. Then mask is from Brazil and made from fish parts. The scales tested 5.5 ph.
Hope the framing survives the mask.


Thats pretty wild looking .... nice job...

I would frame it just to keep the "fish parts" from smelling!

That was the funny part. It smelt more like Lysol. Then the customer told me that customs had put it in their "Tank" for a week, but forgot it untill she called a month later.....

Maybe it was the Lysol that was the acidic???


What a pleasure to find a framer who still can laminate an oval frame all by himself. It takes brains and smart hands to do it right, go through the process and finish it. Those genuine qualities can't be hidden or faked and they mark even simple "products" like answering a question is. No wonder now why I noticed and praised your recent post regarding oval frame sources.
Nice job Baer. I'd love to hear more about how you did it if you have the time and would'nt mind sharing. I'm wondering what you used for a form? Pegs in a board? Is there a trick to getting the first board or two on the form and fastened together? do you stagger the seams? And how did you finally build a suitable steam box? I guess thats a lot. Terry