Mary's Pictures


True Grumbler
May 18, 2004
Southern California

Gryphon bamboo, solid rag mat with a yellow paper strip of 1/16" Art size approx. 8x10


Gryphon double Bamboo with Larson's copper fillet
Giclee Art size approx 16x22


Antica, Larson-Juhl with Franks Fabric and rag mat reveal ,reversed bevel.


My favorite, Omega bamboo with Franks Fabric red silk on 8-ply mat. Traditional Asian mat width
art size approx 12x18
Lisa, Mary called me four times. She's bouncing off the walls. Said she almost left a wet spot on your carpet she was so excited.

And I didn't even know she was part Cocker Spanial.

Great job. Mary is VERY hard to please. I've been trying for 36 years.

I love those bamboo frames! Being an Asian myself, I find the double bamboo frame to be stimulating and intriguing as well. Giclee is more of western origin and this is the first time I've ever seen banana trees and birds-of-the-paradise done so tastefully.

Great exotic job!
Terrific job Lisa

The double bamboo frame is very exotic looking and the 4th frame with the red silk mat and black bamboo frame is very striking! It looks like the red silk matches the red in the lettering perfectly and it is so hard to match reds.
Stupid Question, Who is Mary and are these contest winners? :confused:
I don't mean to be behind, I just missed who these are for.

They look fabulous though!! Great job.
I especially love the double bamboo. I love stacked frames.

Thanks for the compliments!
Mary is a very good friend of Baer's that lives in So. CA and I must say that he had quite a lot to do with the frame design ;)

How great lookin' were they... and who are these women...? :D

Sorry, I just can't help but ask...
I like the second (very much) and the forth ones, but the other two would go in a spare room, the bland (beige???) frames make the lively images a bit dull, just not my cup of tea I'm afraid.
MacGyver, it was one of those kind of days where most things just kind of drift through your head...
but spend some time with these women, and you kind of remember them for sure....
Lets see if my cell phone camera was working...


oh good. I aint EVER getting rid of this phone.. :D
Now, those are things that would give me great pleasure to frame...

No, I am not talking about Baer's babes, I meant Lisa's pictures # 2 and 4!

On the other hand, Baer, where did you find those healthy looking ladies??
Just a couple of neighbors that do bikini work.

#4 the bamboo shoot is a first try at Japanese brush painting by Mary's 12 yr old boy.

The kid is pretty amazing. I think it's in May, he will be sailing in a Regatta (Race) for the Lukemia Society...His plead letter should be hitting me up for donation here soon... he knows I going away to sail... and he's green with envy. :D
Baer her 12 year old did that???That is great, **** I could not do that if I tried. It looks very authentic. He could do these and sell them for a little bit of money-college fund. It is nice and simple, good looking!!!