Martha was framed!

Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
Martha was indeed framed. Here are the pictures to prove it. Actually this was a fun project. It didn’t turn out just the way I wanted but it will work. I actually wanted that “fillet” to be further from the red mat. However the “fillet” ended up being much thicker than planned.

martha 1.jpg

This was frame in Larson’s ummmm I don’t know the exact number go look on your walls and you’ll find it. The black mat is…..Artique’s no….. well I’m not sure about that either but it’s the shiny black one. The red mat is Artique’s…. red mat. The “fillet” is generic highly acidic foamcore cut with a bevel and wrapped in Messenger Inquirer newspaper dated July 7th. The periodical is mounted in a sink mat with various colored mats surrounding it. All glued down with the cheapest ATG I could find. The rabbit is sealed with the same Scotch tape that I tape receipts with and the frame is sealed with duct tape. Of coarse its all covered with The blue acid free backing paper and wallbuddies so none of this other stuff is visible.

martha 2.jpg

Here is close up of the newspaper (look to your right Jerry V). I sure do like the way this looks. Anyway it was a fun project and it gets a lot of comments. And now for yours?

That closeup is a GREAT shot of the newspaper whatchamacallit!!

And you are right, that red thingy ought to be wider than that dark thingy above it.

The photo is so clear, not only can I read the UPC code, but I can almost tell what kind of knot Uma used to attach her bikini!!

Good job, Jay!!

(Oh, ............. and the framing looks OK also.)

They were right to call you Great Angels, Jay. Watch out - remember what happened to LaMarche on the Grumble when it featured scantily clad women.

Pat :D
There wasn't a poll... your confused. Its ok!
Are you going to enter that into a contest or is it just for customers as an example?
I was wondering because I have one that I think is pretty unusal. And I would love to enter it in a contest but All the contests I've seen have a theme or something to go by and it doesn't fit in any of the catigories.

Great job on yours, I love it when framers step "outside the box"

I just framed it for fun. Its gets alot of comments.