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Marc Bluestone is coming to Colorado!!!


Jul 23, 2004
Louisville Colorado
OUR PLANS HAVE CHANGED - And you've gotta love it. Our original speaker couldn't make it, so on to Plan B...

MARC BLUESTONE has graciously offered to come to beautiful Colorado and present two seminars:
Adapting to a Changing Industry
How To Get More Customers

I'm sure you'll recognize Marc from the many articles he writes for PFM Magazine, and many of you may have already seen Marc on one of the national trade shows. Marc is the President of FrameGroup, Inc. of St. Louis. FrameGroup operates 10 custome framing stores, a commercial framing division, and an internet art business.

The fee for this INCREDIBLE event is still ONLY $10 for members, and $15 for non-members. If you attended one of Marc's classes at a trade show, you would pay MUCH more than that for JUST ONE CLASS.

AND, if that's not enough, we have the National President of the PPFA, Mark Klostermeyer, as our Keynote Speaker!!! If you want to know the future plans of the PPFA, he's the man to ask.

So, on October 23, join us at the Adams Mark Hotel in downtown Denver for this spectacular event.

Call today to get registered! 303-947-1751. Or send an e-mail to MAPChapterPPFA@aol.com.

Patti Shunk
President - Mountain & Plains Chapter - PPFA
Too bad he wasn't lecturing in Atlanta. Might have gone just to see him. Took a coupla of his course. If you can make it, DO IT. and save all your notes. I heard him several years ago, took copious notes and STILL refer to them.

Some folks claim to be "students" of business. This guy's the "professor"
After years of reading his articles, I am very excited about seeing Professor Bluestone in person!

And hey, it's not that cold in Colorado yet... come on out and join us!
Congratulations, Colorado. You've captured one of the best speakers in all of framing.

Marc keeps his lecture content current, so every class is a new adventure in dealing with the changing state of the industry.

I've seen most of his classes and plan to see them again. I wouldn't want to miss a chance to pick this man's brain.
Marc is one of the people I always listen to.

Kathy and Patti have, hands down, the best education of any chapter anywhere

And to think they are the "new kids" on th eblock

I'm with Jim
That's pretty high praise coming from Jim and Bob! Especially since we've been honored to have both of them as chapter guests this year.

And I warned Mark Klostermeyer that our chapter would be looking to him to inform us of the overall direction of the PPFA. Not that anyone is gunning for him, but inquiring minds want to know... and framers are nothing if not curious.
In an attempt to keep this at the top I will add......

It looks like a "Who's Who" of the framing industry for our first year. We start off with Jim Miller, Bob Carter and then end the year with Mark Klostermeyer and Marc Bluestone. It will be very hard to top that next year......

After the end of our first year it was a lot of hard work from all of us. We have a lot to be proud of. Our hope is to bring a wealth of education and a way to network with other framers, I think we accomplished that.

Thank goodness we had such great people step up to serve on the board. It has been nothing but a positive experience.
And hey, it's not that cold in Colorado yet... come on out and join us!
Define cold. Didn't I hear on the morning news that you're getting snow today?

I'll add my two cents. Marc is a great speaker, you'll come away with lots and lots of ideas. Wish I could come.
Maryann, Patti forgot that just because it was 80 degrees a couple days ago it doesn't mean we won't be buried in snow today.....although, really as cold in Colorado goes, it is kind of warm today even with 8 inches of snow.

.....and after watching the news I am willing to bet Patti hasn't gotten one snowflake.......
You are correct, just an inch or two of rain. But I am still predicting sunny skies for October 23... now, Halloween is always a different story.

Also, we are judging our print (or should I say paintbrush) competitions at the event. To see my entry is worth the price of admission!!! (NOT)