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North Framer

CGF, Certified Grumble Framer
Jul 5, 2002
Ontario, Canada
When talking with Jeff of FramerSelect awhile ago I made the suggestion that they should have a map of North America (I'm in Canada, a seperate issue for joining FS) or of just the USA that showed a star or dot where every FS member was located, that could be clicked on which would show the list of all nearby FS members, rather than their search function by zip code, state or city, which I found a little clumsy, and at times annoying, having to re-enter criteria a few times (zip codes that revealed no nearby members, therefore start search over - kinda goes against the preaching of Steve Klug that wrote the excellent book on web-site useability "Don't Make Me Think). I saw this function one time one the web, but never bookmarked the site, and wonder if any Grumbler is familiar with the methodology of how this function (clickable map) works, or any examples ou there. Would be an interesting feature (world map) for TG, for curiousity sake at least, don't you think? P.S. Looked at the clock, 5 am, been on the web for 90 minutes, laughed at the former posting about what are you people doing in the middle of the night on FG - gotta get a life, or at least over this sleep disorder.