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Sep 5, 1998
New Cumberland, PA
The problem: We use a Mac with Outlook Express and have a customer database on FileMaker Pro ... is anyone conversive on how to take the email addresses collected on FileMaker (seperating them from the rest of the fields of info collected) and import them onto Outlook for mass mailings??
The way I would approach it is to see if you can import addresses into a specific Outlook Express group. Then send your email to that group. If you can't import to a specific group, then give every email address the same "Name", ie "July Mailing" *. That way, when you compose your email they will all be together in the address book, and you can select them all at once to put in the "BCC:" field. WARNING: Outlook Express does limit the number of addresses you can inlude in a single email - I'm not sure what it is.
I’ve had as good of luck with direct mail as anything. BUT I was given an immediate reality check when I called the guy who was going to do the mailings.

Before you do anything just call up and have a free talk with who you’re going to hire to actually do the mailing. Not doing that one simple thing will certainly cost you money and time. Or at least it did me.

They can probably answer this question much better than framers.

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