Mail boxes and the USPO.. madder than...


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Jun 13, 2002
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I am madder than you know what. Arrived at the store this a.m. to find the mailboxes for our building (4 in all) were knocked over during the night. They are right at the curb on a very busy road and have been sideswiped before - but never totalled. I call the landlord to advise him of this - because I know how the USPO handles situations of this nature. No standing mailbox. No mail.

Well that is exactly what happened. We were about to run out to the mail truck as she aproached and just kept going. There was no stopping her. Ooooo. Seeing red.

So I call the delivery supervisor. He's out. The guy who answers admits that there is no "service" anymore. Asks if I would like to talk to the postmaster himself. Yes. He is aware of their policy and says they are not allowed to get out of their vehicles. NO. Couldn't possibly take the minute to stop and bring the mail in. No they will take it back to the post office and HOLD it til the box is fixed. Fine predicament. Fortunately I am not awaiting anything of real importance besides bills. But our neighbor was awaiting his payroll!! Nice, eh? So now we have to sit and wait to hear if they will bring it back (probably not) or we can pick any mail up ( but it probably won't be available til Friday is my guess)... and hopefully the landlord will have the boxes fixed by then.

Madder than all get out.

I got lucky with my mailman.

He is supposed to put the mail in the individual boxes mounted to the building but instead he walks through every store everyday to say hi and see if we need anything.

You can tell though when he is on vacation because his replacement shoves everything into the box whether it fits or not. If you have any outgoing mail it is usually crushed under your incoming mail and never picked up.

I gues things eventually even out.
Ahh, gum’mint employees … can’t live with them; ya can’t shoot ‘em.

Oh, wait, they’re postal workers! Ya <u>CAN</u> shoot ‘em.

<font size=-40>Disclaimer: just kidding, you guys! …</font><font size=3> really!</font>
Originally posted by Roz:
No they will take it back to the post office and HOLD it til the box is fixed. Fine predicament. Fortunately I am not awaiting anything of real importance besides bills. But our neighbor was awaiting his payroll!!
We've always had a mailbox when we could, but I understand why big businesses have PO Boxes.
Oh, wait, they’re postal workers! Ya CAN shoot ‘em.

Only if you are also a postal worker.
Ahhhh, and there is the RUB.... they are only quasi-government workers...

It's only sorta kinda notreally but somewhat similar to a faux government employee.....

I means basically untill your landlord replaces the box, you have to pick-up at the post office; which is open that same but less hour than you are.

Have a good turkey day anyway.
Since we are talking about Postal Employees and I go a package today I will complain...

Being in a mall we have a central location where everyone has their PO Boxes, there are 8 big boxes for parcels but if they are full or somebody needs to sign for a package then the postal carrier comes to the store and delivers the package in person. Sound good but, he leaves every other piece of mail in our box, approx 3 minute walk away.

Why not bring all of my mail since you are coming here anyway????????
look on the positive side, people: if you can't get your bills delivered, you can't pay them. Then you can blame it on (1) the post office or (2) the landlord or (3) the mailbox installer.

Blame ANYONE but yourself for late payment.

Works for me.
I just discovered that one of my suppliers did it to me AGAIN. They shipped a package UPS, addressed to my PO box. I have tried and tried to get them to ship to my SHIPPING address, but no, the box is going to my BILLING address.

Fortunately, UPS delivery people don't have a lobotomy as part of their job requiements. Most of them have the sense to call the phone number on the box and find out where it is supposed to go.
That's nothing Hanna: Last week one of my suppliers, shipped a frame to me (an expensive, 22 K gold by the way) to my street address, but in another city!!

And, the UPS guy just dumped it at the door of that clueless home owner.

And, the frame was overdue, and the customer is a good one, but the supplier said "hey, according our & UPS's info, it was dumped at your door at 3 PM"! (But I know I was at the store at that time and received nothing!!)

After 2 days of running around, it got back to me.

But about that time I was getting postal...
We now have new mail box posts installed - 6" x 6" - that should insure anyone who runs into them next time will not be the victor of the battle of the mailboxes!! I can't wait to see how long before the PO figures it out and starts delivering again. I get tired of being "the mouth" of the building, so hopefully someone else let them know. The bills can wait!!
I thought a 6x6 would take care of the problem also, so I changed my 4x4 (which has gotten broke way too many times from somebody backing into it) to the 6x6, got a new box, and all was well until a cement truck backed into it. Now that ruins your day.

Here's a unique postal rant: Just lost a long time employee to the Post Office. No they didn't run over him, they hired him at $16.00/hr. which I couldn't match.

Don't feel bad, through the years I have lost a total of five (5) employees to the US Postal Service. I can't compete with their payscale, benefits package or retirement program. One was even a family member.


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