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Jan 1, 1997
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I'm a Mac user. Here's the problem. I dropped my mouse and it shrunk the desk top. Everything is smaller and takes up about two thirds of the screen now. In other words, the control strip sits about one third away from the bottom left, and it is usually on the bottom. The icons are all smaller, even after adjusting the size in the control panel.

Any ideas? I thought I'd ask here before I hit the Mac forums and books.


I am not a Mac user. But since you and I (and Charles) are the only ones that are up now and not already at work, I'm going to take a stab at this.

It sounds like your screen resolution has been changed. For example, my resolution is set at 800x600. If I changed it to 1024x768 (which I don't think I could do by dropping my mouse,) everything would be much smaller on the screen and I'd have to crank up my bifocals a notch or two.

Look for a way to adjust your screen resolution. On some PCs, there's an icon in the system tray for this purpose.

When the Mac users get out of bed, maybe they'll have another idea. Good luck.
If you want to move the control strip point your mouse to the end of tab and press "option" key and drag the strip where you want it.

Thanks so much for your responses!...Judy, I could not drag the tool bar yesterday, worked fine just now. Florida grumbler, I just rebuilt the desktop, it helped immensely. Ron, I'm going to check the resolution as soon as I'm done grumbling.

Boy, if you can do it to a computer, I've done it. Later, I'll go to work on getting the menu bar font back to a larger size.

Thanks a million!

Well, Ron, you were right, resolution was the culprit. Thanks much, things are looking much better now.