Lurker coming out....need Scherenschnitte framing advice


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Jan 28, 2005
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Good Morning all! First let me say this board has been a tremendous help and I am so glad we heard about it in Las Vegas. I have done a search on Scherenschnitte but nothing came up so I must ask all of you for your advice. We have not framed a piece before and we are wondering what the best way is to go about mounting it. A customer brought one in and wants a double/triple mat cut in the shape (dome) of the piece. To the best of my knowledge, which is limited as I am just learning, dry mounting won't work, neither would a/f sticky board. Has anyone framed a piece of this and how should we approach this. Thanks in advance for any advice you wish to share.

Easy - use SILICONE!



.Just kidding!

Mylar encapsulation should do the trick.
Julie, first of all, welcome.

It's good that you have already learned to use the "search" function. It will help you out a lot. You will find that almost everything that can be discussed has been discussed at some point. Except Scherenschnitte! The only reason I know what it is, I have a friend who is a Scherenschnitte artist, and man, is she good!
You will find her here:

Her work is attached to the artwork, and isn't just paper-cutting. If your piece is just the delicate cut paper, I don't know what to tell you. I'd say, ask the artist!

Boy, did I ever help you a lot with your first question! :rolleyes:

Anyway, welcome. Perhaps someone else will know more.

reflections, you just reminded me that I've got a Christmas piece that I "snipped" years ago in a box waiting to be framed. Mylar encapsulation wouldn't work as all the tiny snipped corners would be pressed down flat. The snipped artwork needs the depth of some of the paper turned up kinda like deckled edges in watercolor paper. Since this one belongs to me, I could actually add some glue to the back in a few strategic places, but I'm gonna wait and see what the responses here are. Thanks for bringing this question to the Grumble. BTW, welcome to the G.
Thanks for the responses so far and also the welcome! After talking with my partner who actually took the order, the customer wants to have an inch empty space around the scherenschnitte so I am not sure the mylar would work? Unless static would keep it floated in the mylar.

Betty, I will check out the link you posted and see what I can find out.

Janet, so the snipped edges or some of them are supposed to stick up? Forgive me for being thick headed, I have the dreaded upper respiratory crud and my head feels like it is stuffed with cotton wool.


Would it be possible to wrap some of the heavier and stronger parts of the scherenschnitte with thin strips of a paper that appproximate the color of scherenschnitte, and then glue those to the backboard?

Does that make sense?

I mean little paper strips that wrap around some of the scherenschnitte's stragetically placed paper bridges. The edges of the strips are then overlapped and glued to themselves, to make a ring. Then the ring can be pressed flat, and the back of it spot glued to the mount board.

A thought anyway.

Originally posted by B. Newman:
almost everything that can be discussed has been discussed at some point. Except Scherenschnitte!
Au contrair!

Many moons ago, in response to a new member named "Cutting Edge," a Judaic artist (who also did some paper cuting, I posted some of my own paper cut artwork. Pretty much just giant and glorified doilies.

Here's the tread from 8/22/2000. It turned up in the search funtion with the topic being named " scherenschnitte / wycinanki / knippen";f=1;t=000905#000007

And here's the site with my artwork (at that time)

As for attaching: "Micro dot's" at several points would be good. This leaves that dimensional feeling that the artist and buyer clamour for.
Perhaps I should have said, "since I've been here it seems that everything that can be discussed has been discussed."

I'll do that next time.

I noticed in the web site, Jeri is explaining the art form and process and she mentions that each piece is put onto a frame.

You may want to email her for some advice????

And let the rest of us know what she says so we can all learn.
Naa, you don't want to ask her for advice on the framing. I've seen her framing - straight into the frame/cardboard backing!

Well, let me take that back. I haven't looked closely at her originals. What she puts directly into the frame are the prints of her work. Believe me, this is very beautiful artwork combined with exquisite paper cutting, and she sells bunches of the prints.

I'll look closer at the originals next time I see her.

These are tricky and fragile little things to deal with.

Mylar is going to be way too shiny.

When I've done them, I've sewn them down (gently, so the thread doesn't tear the paper).

For each stitch, make two holes in the backing board positioned so that they will be hidden under the paper. Use a cotton thread as close as possible to the paper color. Up one hole, over a bridge in the piece, down the other hole, tie off the thread behind the board.

Welcome to The Grumble, Julie.

Thanks everyone for your responses. Sounds like any way I go it is gonna be a tedious job and I know Kim didn't charge enough! Oh well, it will be a good learning experience for me.

Thanks again!

any advice on how to frame Scherenschnitte art

I have a piece of cut art that was found in China Town in New York. It is very delicate and I need advice on how to frame it. I thought I could use mylar and put it in a sink mat, leaving on the original mat and backing that the artist put on. Any other options? It is about 14 x 19. Thanks.