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Lunch spoiled by bad hanging job!


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Apr 1, 2005
Maple Valley, Wa
My bestest friend in the whole world took me out to lunch today for my birthday.
We decided to try out the new Applebees in the next town over. Great place-good food-had babyback ribs and shrimp (yumm!) When I first walked in I was enthroled by the wonderfully framed pictures and shadow boxes on every wall surface-The walls are litterly covered! It was very cool-recognized some of the moldings. Then I looked a little closer as any framer would....
!@#$% They NAILED the pictues to the walls right through the moldings! and didn't even bother to cover the holes!! It looked like someone went around with a nail gun and just banged those babies into the wall!! I seriously thought about going up to the manager and offering a can of putty!! Actually I felt like crying, but decided not to let it spoil my day..had a really good margarita instead!

Just had to rant..whew feel better.

Don't get out much, do we Elsa?

They've been doing that since 1989..... when I was doing it for them....

Even NAILED down like they are.... they still have a tendency to walk out the door.

Our local lost a firemans complete jumpsuit, helmet and boots...The waitress went to go get change and came back and the people and fire suit were gone.. not even a busy night.
Wouldn't the use of security fitting work as good?

You know the kind with two brackets at the top that the frame slides onto and the bottom one has a screw that is done up by a wrench?

Nothing is seen from the front.

The only thing I can think is that they are a pain cause you have to line everything up but at least you cant see any thing from the front.

Oh.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elsa !
I don't think I've mentioned this for a week or two.

Maybe 18 years ago, I was attending a three-day workshop by Vivian Kistler in one of the Chicago suburbs when I went to breakfast at a Denny's or something similar.

All the pictures were attached to the walls with gigantic lag screws through the mouldings.

And the cardboard corner protectors were still in place!
our major australian suppliers have them........surly they have them in the states.........if i remember i could enquire tomorrow?
I've got about 500 security hangers going cheap to anyone who wants them. They didn't work for the job we bought them for. Turns out they are hard to use on uneven concrete block walls! :eek:

And I wasn't able to return them to my supplier because my husband, in one of his rare bursts of efficency, took them out of their packets and seperated them into piles of like parts. We would have had to put tham all back in the bags to return them.
We worked a wonderful job once where the bar had someone else install all these wonderful memoribilia photos and posters and other great stuff.

About a month after they had installed them, they started disappearing... ones and twos ..every night. busy or slow.

Then one morning, the owner came in to an empty walled bar....the janitor.

Very little was returned.. but we slowly framed new stuff (about 20 pieces a week) and lag bolted [4,6 or 8 depending on size] to the brick wall.

the janitor had meerly gone down and bought a security hanger set and used the wrench that came
with it.....

I guess this would be a great place for photocopies of the originals, x board mount styreen glaze, styreen frame and silicone to the wall.
Originally posted by elsa:
They NAILED the pictues to the walls right through the moldings! and didn't even bother to cover the holes!! It looked like someone went around with a nail gun and just banged those babies into the wall!!
Sounds like one of my jobs. Actually most of the restaurant jobs I do are nailed. It's MUCH faster than security hangers and because you are nailing flush to the wall they are more difficult to remove. I use putty when the owners are willing to pay for it. The first time I did it we had to hang about 1400 pieces in a restaurant. It took 8 of us about 14 hours. 2 nailers, 2 spotters, 2 runners, and 2 puttiers.

I've done a few Red Robins and their frames are all metal so nailing is not an option. In this case we use security hdwe. The last one took 5 of us two full 8 hour nights (after closing) to hang about 250 pieces. If they were wood frames you would have to add the time of putting the hdwe on the backs too. As you can see there is a considerable time difference and as you all know....time is money!