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Mar 18, 2004
Kennett Square, PA
I have an etching by Udo Nolte titled "Violin Case." I did a search on the internet for this artist and found the etching but it was marked "sold" and there was no price..
- Can anyone tell me anything about Udo Nolte and/or what the etching is worth? Unfortunately, all of the websites except for 1 are in German.


If you use Google to do your web searches for this information and run into a German site, just click on the translate this page, which will pick up on 80% of the translation for you.

Otherwise copy and paste material that you think is of interest to you to Free Translation.com ...another useful site.

I used to handle Nolte's work and it wasn't inexpensive. In the mid 80's his smaller images (4" x 5")were in the neighborhood of $150.00.
The biography I have: (The literal translation from German)
"Udo Nolte was born in Dortmond,West Germany May 16, 1950.
After school-time he studied at special art-institute in Dortmund for more than five years design.
Then, having passed the state examination, he went to university in Bochum for studying history of art until 1978.
Since 1979 he earns his living for his wife and himself with liberal art, especially etching. His works are distributed by galleries in whole Europe and since a short studying visit to San Fransisco, California, also in North America.
Permanent exhibitions of Udo Nolte's etchings are taking place in Western Europe and abroad."

I bought what I had from Ted Schwartz Fine Arts. He left Florida a while back and moved to Colorado Springs, and I have lost track of him.
THANKS everyone for the information! I didn't realize that different languages could be translated into English that easily. I'll definitely do what you suggested John...and I'll also email the gallery in Australia! Thanks, HannaFate.

And Wally, I'm amazed at the prices as I only paid about $35-40 for it from a person who was closing her shop!

Thanks, again!