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Jay H

PFG, Picture Framing God
Dec 8, 2003
A "Leopard" print mat with a black core! Anybody have one OR know where I can get it? The picture I have came out of a magazine and is of the print "Family Outing" by Lee Kromschroeder. I can't find that pic anywhere on the internet. If I have to I will scan this pic when I get home tonight! Thanks.
I would buy a leopard printed fabric and drymount in to a black black core mat, then cut your opening as normal!
That is my backup plan. I have never done it but thats probably the best reason to try it.
Jay -

You might want to check out a Lowe's or a Sherwin/Williams store for leopard print wallpaper
While you're at Lowe's, pick up a can of leopard paint. Get the acrylic as it dries faster and the spots don't run as much.

Seriously, try one of these scrapbooking stores. They just may have some leopard skin paper that you could use.

Jay H....

Try some leopard print gift wrap!!! I might be able to hook you up with some if you can't find it in your area.

What size is the mat?

Just wondering if the leopard skin look in the magazine is just part of the print that has been drymounted and then cut as a mat and overlayed onto the print to make it look like real matboard. I used to do this technique.
If it "looks" like anything other than mat board that did a darn good job. It looks like a black core mat. I guess this could be added to the "stories we hear from other shops" thread. But this lady said that the other guys said that they actually USED to carry this mat and it was made by "??????". I had never heard of this company so I don't remember what she said.

Anyway, I found some material that matches pretty well. I was thinking if I mounted this to the mat and cut it, would the threads fray and look like poop? Would wrapping it around the mat with a reverse bevel be an option? Tips? If I did wrap it how do I protect the print from the fabric? Thanks friends!
I'm looking at an ad in the Framing Business News for Queen City Paper 1-800-669-2400 or www.Queencitymatboard.com. It shows a leopard print in the ad. Hope this helps.
I bought that print from Wild Wings a while back and with it the leopard print matboard that they used in their framing of the print. I didn't get around to framing it for quite some time and forgot I had the mat (and it was a paper mat that I really didn't want to use) so when I finally sold and framed it I got leopard print fabric and wrapped the bottom mat. It came out fantastic!

So.... anyone want the mat? :D (I found it in the move to the new shop.)
Well I would say "I do" but if you didn't want it, I dont know if I do. I did drymount some fabric onto a mat board and cut it. It looked awesome. I think Im going to try to sell that first. Hang onto it for a few weeks anyway!