Looking for Unusual Oak Moulding

Jim Miller

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Nov 5, 1997
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A customer has asked me to match existing oak frames provided some years ago, for a hallway photo display made out of a pair of horizontal rails with rabbets to hold the frames.

The horizontal rails on the wall (parallel, about 14" apart) have only 3/4" deep rabbets, so in order to fit them, the frames must have a total thickness of no more than 11/16".

The shape is slightly rounded on top, straight sides. Color is similar to LJ's "Honey" oak finish (i.e. LJ #451730).

Any suggestions? If there's nothing close to what they have, I could have a deeper moulding cut down.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jim, how wide a moulding are you looking for? There were a number of domestic manufacturers making a clamshell profile oak in the 80's, but they are mostly gone or have switched to importing.
Check #3245 Decor or #78022 Omega
Hi, Wally:

Sorry to leave out that important detail. It's a 3/4" wide clamshell. I used to get it from a couple of suppliers, but can't find it now.

Your help is appreciated.
Warren, you beat me to it.

Jim, LJ's "Honey" oak is a standard Minwax Wiping stain. I'd go for the one that is combined with a poly urithan wiping finish.
Just wipe it on and buff it out. If it needs to go darker, wipe another coat until it hits the color, then spray down with rattle can diamond coat for a durable finish. No need to worry about Ph neutrality here, there ain't none.

I've got about 400 feet of 1 wide x 3/4" tall that we ran in ash for a local artist but we've also got knives for 3/4" wide. We've got rough oak so we could run it in that, too. Frankly, when the stuff is finished, I can't tell the difference between oak and ash. We quit staining a while back; we only clear coat with lacquer now. Let me know if you want the moulding, I could make 15 feet of it in an hour or less and would be happy to help you out. Baer says finishing it wont be a problem. While I was typing, I remembered seeing some 3/4" moulding outside the spray booth. We've got 16 feet of 3/4 x 3/4 clamshell oak (or maybe ash - I can't tell but it's quarter sawn); it must be left over from a job a couple of years ago. Let me know the size of the frame and I'll cut it up and ship it.
I've got a Stanley 45, a 93, maul bench with vises and a few hours to teach you the finer points of making hand made moulding..... :D
Thanks for your suggestions, but I think we've found a standard moulding to use. Repeatability is an issue here -- they'll want it again in a year or two.