Looking for Renoir.


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 18, 2002
Huntington Beach, CA
Hello all,

18x24 print with textured brush strokes, not canvas - "Girl With Watering Can"

Anyone have a copy in stock for sale?

I have tired places like Art Prints, etc. but Art Prints is high end, which the customer is not willing to pay, and the others don't have the 18x24 size.

The copy that the customer brought in is damaged and need replacing.

Looks like paper print is mounted on cardboard.

The print looks like there are simple brush strokes, decorative only not on canvas.

Thanking you in advance.
Clifton -- Looks like Image Source International publishes the print and it should be available directly or from Liebermans (ISI EK812). Many shops are now offering "texturizing"; drymount the print and texturize with Z-Gel or one of the other texturizing products available from most of the suppliers. Of course, then you have to decide whether you can do that at a charge the customer is willing to pay.
Thanks Leary,

No, the customer won't go another dime.

I warned her that the art might be glued to the mat and there might be problems. Sure enough, the art had duck-tape on the back-side holding it to the mat...hold it, it gets worse...the framer then atg'd the front of the art to the mat. When I tried to gently lift the tape the mat suddenly pulled away and took some of the very old print with it...ouch!

She is now very angry at me...another ouch!

Now I'm angry and am just going to fix her art by giving up some of the surrounding area. She will loose about 1/2" around.

I cut a mat to see what the finished product would look like if I did this. It really doesn't look all that bad. The atg tape used about 1/4 to 3/8 anyway so I'll just be covering a little more area.

Shorewood Fine Art Reproductions, Inc. has a 17.5 By 24.75 image size reproduction. With a little brushwork you could get the customer a fresh repo.

Their address is:
Shorewood Fine Art Reproductions, Inc.
129 Glover Ave
Norwalk, CT 06850
1(203) 426-8100

They have no web site.