Looking for new look for front window


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Jun 13, 2002
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I want to totally change my front window. Does anyone have any great reference for window design/displays..

My huge picture window faces the front of the building, has a raised, walled garden area in front of it and parking spaces. It is very visible. You can't really see in past the first foot unless it's night and the lights are on - at which point my wall shows up really nice!! But the glass shelving with ready made frames, objets d'art, gifts show up when you are near the window.

But from the parking lot, the street, and across the street - I want it to "pop" a little more..

I have signage in the window which does show up but could use some updating as well.

I think that my look says "artsy, creative, approachable" without being intimidating and I want to stress the creative, fun, we can do it anyway you want look.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Could you post a picture of your storefront?
David, The storefront is on the first page of my website.. what shows is most of it... and there is just a bit more window/siding to the left before my neighbor's window.
Dermot, Thanks! You are the best...

The door is not used as an entry - thus the chain across it with a sign directing customers to the side door/handicap ramp/stairs.

Don't be shy about critiquing this... I am open to all new ideas!

Since this is also an older photo - the white/black "open" sign in the main window is no longer there. The white lettering on the window at the top and bottom - I was considering putting a color vinyl behind it to make it stand out from the street - but am concerned about how it will look from the interior.

Let the arrows fly!!

How about the white tube lights around the inside of the window for night time sight, attention grabbing - has worked well for my window. It also helps the white lettering to show up in the window

Also, can you paint the trim around your window a different eyepopping color so that the window looks "framed"

OR, paint a bright colored frame and have it suspended so it hangs around the Rozmataz lettering in the window and maybe it could be lit with lights

OR, some bright painted old frames made into a collage and hung on the blank wall to the right of the window on the outside??

OR, some bright colored frames on posts used as garden ornaments or soon to be snow ornaments

Must be the sugar I just ate!! Chipotle pepper with cranberries (soaked in whiskey) and white chocolate with oatmeal. SOON to be available at Infused!!

Hope this helps some brain storming! Now I need to focus on my own storefront!!

These are a few shots of various Gallery windows that I like…….the Dublin one gets people’s attention…

Perhaps these will help to stimulate some ideas……..I have noticed as I travel that window displays for many retailers are getting very minimal but more classier in what is displayed…..no clutter……just a very simple message enough to get you to look a bit more and possible enter the shop…..


The Molesworth Gallery Dublin Ireland


Blue Stone Gallery Wiltshire England


Sunday Afternoon Gallery Chicago USA
Thanks Dermot.

Roz, when I looked at the picture the first thing I saw was the flags. They are bright and move, your building isn't and doesn't.
If I were driving by, I would be inclined to think you sell flags and whirligigs.

Just some thoughts;
1) What if your flagpoles were giant paintbrushes?
2) Can you paint some equally bright colors around the window?
3) Paint a day-glow shadow around your symbol on the window. (Make it stand out)
4) Can you enclose the small porch with glass? Then you could light it up and put paintings on easels, or make a fun Macy's window display.

What is the restaurant across the street? Can you play off of them?
Elaine, Dermot, David - this is great. I love the brainstorming via the grumble!!!

David... the restaurant across the street is a contemporary Irish pub (very busy, very good) which I get alot of action from - they are facing my storefront directly as they pull out. Bam. It's right in front of them!!

As far as the flags - you'd be amazed at how few people in 4 years have come in to buy flags (which we originally tried selling! with not much success)- So they are just "color" and "fun" to bring a little attention. We also have a very nice aframe sign at the curb. That gets alot of notice!!

The window on the inside has glass shelves which are about 11" deep and that is about as far as we can cut into the interior floor space...

So - keep on with all the great ideas... I'll be back tomorrow!!

Thanks, Roz
Like David, I would suggest you do something with the space in front of the non-door to make it look less like the would-be entrance, while taking advantage of its front-and-center position. Could you enclose that area and make its floor space part of the interior or vestibule? Paco Underhill's book mentions that people like a "transitional" area on the way into a store before the selling begins. In the front of that you could do a large sign featuring some of your services, framed in a great looking gilt frame, that would face the street. To the right, where the side facing flags are, I would hang a shingle-type sign indicating the actual entrance. I would eliminate the flags, but paint the columns and trim some tasteful but eye-catching color, as well as the frame around the roof-mounted sign.
:cool: Rick
If you own the building... blow out that unused door
and make the window LARGE...

If you don't.... How about a paper mache statue of a work man painting the door...Then spray down with fiberglass resein, and paint with bronzing powder then patina... should last a year or three...

A local coffee shop had one made of a young gal leaning against their window talking on a cell phone.... very funny... but attention getting.
You could get some of that plastic gold moulding and frame the window with it and install a large frame light over it. Also install a sheer type curtain so your signage will be more visible yet can be pulled back when at night for better curb appeal at night. Dark blue, green, or even red curtains will help your window letters jump out better in heavy glare.

Maybe you could put an standing easel and frame in the unused entry way. Just something fun and with a flood of color.
I think the chain is almost a barrier, even though you have another door for customers to use. If you had less writing on the window perhaps you could put up a to-die-for design (just one) and spotlight it from the ground outside.
Some really sound ideas to ponder... I like it. I like it...

this is a continuing process for me... I absorb, seek, design, observe, etc. until I get the final idea to run with...

I am thinking about all of this plus some new plantings for the raised garden...