Looking for new hanging system ...


Cliff Wilson

I have done some work for a local college. Lobby painting, awards, etc. On Thursday I received a call. It went like this ...

After Identifying herself ...
Woman: We have six pictures we'd like you to do.
Me: OK
Woman: They are 40 x 32 B&W photos already dry mounted.
Me: OK
Woman: We don't want a frame.
Me: OK, if I use Acrylic and mirror hangers it should look fine.
Woman: oh no, we don't want holes in the wall.
Me: <silence> uhh?
Woman: and we'd like them secure from the students.
Me: <longer silence> uhh?
(I'm beginning to sound like I've had a stroke here ...)
Me: Did you have something in mind to hang them?
Woman: well, no, you're the expert.
Woman: can I bring in a picture of the new room to show you.
Me: uhh, OK?

She comes in. Yep, it's a room with walls. We talk or a while. Apparently, the maintenance guy doesn't want holes in the new mahogany panels. I talk about a gallery system with a big question mark as I explain it? She doesn't think so.

After some discussion, she is picking me up tomorrow morning at 7:45 (I can't drive because of my foot surgery.) to meet with the maintenance guy and look at the walls.

So, I've done extensive searches, but still have a question ... Does anyone know where I can purchase the "levitation hanging system with the security force field?" I can't seem to google it?!
Look at a lattice, freestanding system in the shape of a triangle with pictures secured to the three sides. These panels are three feet by eight and can be arranged in almost any shape. Try a commercial display shop in your phone book.

Sold mine some time back to an artist.

Jack Cee
Jack, I forgot to mention ... they would like the pictues centered on the mahogany panels two on each of three walls. It's a classroom.
Cliff, your customer is a Star Trek fan.

She thinks you can convert the room into a holodeck or, at the very least, project some kind of holographic images on the walls in a lifelike, convincing manner.

I hope you don't disappoint her. People like that can be VERY vindictive,
Being it is a collage they probably don't have a timeout area for disruptive students. So just have the dunces lean against the wall and hold the picture. Can always tell them it is for extra credit.
If the holodeck idea doesn't work, and the room has a suspended acoustical ceiling (as nearly all institutional rooms have) you might be able to attach some clips to the support bars close to the walls and suspend the picture from monofilament.

Whether this would be secure from the students might depend on whther they are allowed to carry sharp impliments.
What about the Arawaka hanging system? Arakawa? Arawana(no that's the chicken that lays green eggs)? Whatever! LJ, and I think United, carries it. The one that has the bar across the top of the wall with the rods suspended vertically with hooks on them...no nails in the walls, except for the top bar.

Extra strength duct tape?
..... or show them this
I have about 100' of this system in my gallery. It has totally eliminated nail holes, patching, sanding and touch-up painting, though it is not a security system.
I've had pretty good luck WISHING art up on the walls. The biggest drawback is that when you forget about them, they come crashing down.

If you decided to wish them up on the wall, and need to take a vacation, I'll wish them for a week or so for a small fee. That way they won't fall.

3M has those removable hook thingys. I put some on my front window and they woudln't remove. You might suggest that to them, but I wouldn't do it.
Is this a set up for Bork's hanging system or what?
ahhh Cliff just use your persuasive powers...your animal magnetism.....magnets, yea magnets will do it!

Never mind, club her over the head, and knock some sense into her! Is that wrong??
I use a system like Tim's that I bought out of Mass., but have never come across anything like what she is describing!!! If you figure this out, you will be the guru of wall hanging systems and you should patent it!!
Well, It's 7:30 and I'm at the shop waiting for her to pick me up in 15 minutes.

Then, it's off to be the Wizard ...
I'm back.

Well, I convinced them to put the pictures in different spots and to use the pictures instead of panels. Now the only trick is that the pictures have to FIT into the spots.

Means I need bigger frames (yeah!) and I have to select the photos and cut them down in some cases. (The size of the finished picture has to be within an 1/8" of the size of the panel I'm replacing.)

Now it's just math and framing! Oh, and they need them within a week of course!