looking for lamarche moulding #105130


Grumbler in Training
Mar 21, 2006
New Jersey
Does anyone have an of the lamarche "curator" series? I am looking for 16 feet of 105130 OR 105120.
We have 105120 from LaMarche. Please call 1800-277-2161 Gryphon Moulding. Ask for Chris. I will have this moulding set aside for you. We can ship it today for you. I can also offer it to you chopped if you prefer. I am sorry but there is none of the 105130 left.

Are you kidding? Now, that LaMarche became a glorious memory, the remnant moldings by this company are sold as collectibles, by the inch. Are you willing to pay that much?
HA HA ..Why not, are you suggesting I should take advantage of everyone and charge a premium? My prices are tha same as Lamarche and if you have an account with me any discount you have established with our company applies. Many of LaMarches mouldings were made by our factory so its not dificult for us to offer some of the same items. We plan to release a number of the smaller mouldings very soon.

This thread of yours can't RIP without a thank note from you. What, lucky you, aren't you happy with the outcome?
Sorry, i am new and don't know the protocol AND i don't get around a computer much! I am very pleased with the outcome and the prompt responses! Thanks for all your help!