Looking for LaMarche Alternate Supplier

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Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
So, I am on this Grand Quest to find some long out-of-stock LaMarche mouldings.

I have used the sources listed in the back of Decor with no luck so far.

Does anyone have any suggestions for some suppliers that they know of who have a somewhat extensive LaMarche inventory?

I am looking for 14717, 1 1/4" blue with scalloped lip and 10415, 2" antiqued gold with black x'd panel. If anyone has some, let me know; I'll make it worth your while.

And as an aside, when we send back moulding to a supplier because it bears scant resemblance to the corner sample, shouldn't the supplier give us some kind of credit toward shipping? Especially if the moulding in question was a big heavy honker?

Boy, those LaMarche corners boxed in my basement sure take up a lot of room! It took forever to get them all down off the display walls.

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Emperia used to have some mouldings with scalloped lips and a fillet too I think.

Wouldn't it be nice if other suppliers would post here to let you they might have something similar or even the same product.
I have the 14717.

What size do you wat it cut to?

Do you want it one or two inches larger so you can clean up a shipping ding on your own chopper/saw?
I have 6' of 10415 if that will help...

Let me know
10415 is out of stock? Nuts! We have been waiting for the smaller version (I think it's 10414) since July, and my boss was going to upgrade to the 10415 at no additional charge. I'll have to let him know about this outtage....