Looking for framer in San Jose

Your friend is not moving to some remote XYW Valley, ND but to San Jose, CA. Asking for a framer in larger San Francisco Bay area (which includes San Jose) is like asking for a NYC taxi cab driver's address and phone number. You don't need such info, for cabs are all over, just like decent framers are in abundance in and around San Francisco (San Jose included) area.

True, you did ask for a reputable frame shop, which kind of puzzles me. What exactly do you mean by "reputable" in this case, for straight down disreputable framers are equally easy to spot and read in Sacramento just like in any other place? Is being active on The Grumble enough to establish one framer's reputability to you? Hope not necessarily so.
If you meant to say good, reliable, decent every day framers, they are too numerous and it would be unfair to mention in here only one name. If you meant to find framing shops with regionally and even nationally rock reputation for refinement, unique design and quality, service and technical knowledge, then you need direct your friend some forty miles north from there, to San Francisco, which is simply the country's framing capital IMHO.
My relatively accurate rule of thumb to determine the best framers in any American town would be looking for their offer of closed corner frames. If I see a decent Munn and APF collection of samples on their walls CHANCES are that they do work for connoisseurs too and probably are better than others. Well, my info is not up to date by any mean, but, according to my books, until a couple of years ago there was no framer in San Jose actively selling taht quality of frames (and San Francisco's proximity fully explains it why). This is not to say that they may not be carrying other names, some of which are being reputable enough to be taking up place on their walls.
Wow... I for one would be sorry I asked after that.
Why would a 3 line address and a phone number from any of us be more reassuring to Fourcorners than my comment? At least I name it the way it is and didn't cover it under a thin coat of sugar.
Say that I have a couple of names from down there. What if my standards are not those of Fourcorners' friend? Besides, how can one take up and pass along some unknown colleague’s recommendation of any equally unknown to him framer from the other end of the country, unless we are about absolute low standards and can't be ever wrong (surprised)? Or Fourcorners vaguely implied something else by their "reputable framer" way of asking it. I could have been more exact if I only knew what Fourcorners meant by that.
Originally posted by fourcorners:
.. Any independent shops on the grumble from San Jose?
...Good grief.

...the question was directed to a specific person or persons.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BullStuff."
Originally posted by deaconsbench:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by fourcorners:
.. Any independent shops on the grumble from San Jose?
...Good grief.

...the question was directed to a specific person or persons.

"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BullStuff."
</font>[/QUOTE]A little harsh and quick on the trigger maybe... but OK, maybe you're having a bad day.

Personally I scanned the roster, and the closest I could find was Santa Cruz 35 miles away, San Fran 52 miles, or Sac at 80.

My suggestion Fourcorner, is your friend either lets there fingers do the walking through th....

OR, they just bring it back to you because they know and trust you. Which would speak volumes in my book.

I have a few people that mail me their stuff and I ship it back. One in North East Ireland, one in Russia, one in uh huh, San Jose.

Let's see, maybe I am not reading that post correctly. I gathered that Fourcorners need to locate a "reputable framer" (whatever that means) in San Jose, for which purpose they are appealing on "ANY independent shop on the grumble from San Jose" for their suggestion.
Well, I may not be from San Jose, but that doesn't make ANY independent shop on the grumbler from San Jose into a reputable framer either, or does it?
[/qb][/QUOTE]A little harsh and quick on the trigger maybe... but OK, maybe you're having a bad day.

Actually, I've had a fairly good day.

I was merely pointing out that the diatribe Whynot was shoveling out had no relevance to the original question asked. It was simple and straightforward, or so I thought.

It's a reality thing, I guess. I stand amazed.
I wish to **** I knew of a framer/Grumbler in San Jose so I could answer this uncomplicated question.

The poster didn't ask if The Grumble was a reasonable way to choose a reliable framer. Fourcorners simply asked if there were any independent shops in that city represented here.

We're awfully good at reading between the lines while ignoring a very simple question.

I sure hope nobody ever asks for a source for Thomas Kincade prints.
deaconsbench, I actually wasn't just pointing at you. It was both of you. But Cornell started it.

Fourcorners, call Lori at Garrett 800.645.3344 and ask her for a few names.

I haven't lived there in about 15 years and I think all the ones I knew are history... except one in Palo Alto..... (where the money meets the bay and mountains.)

Or there is always the City Search then call each one and ask if they are reputable and lurk... :D

actually explain the circumstance and think of a few quick questions that would make you comfortable passing their name on.

Q: How many years in business?
Q: Would my mother get fair treatment? Or raped?
Q: Do you stock paper mats or just archival?
Q: Is ConClear your default for glass on your POS?

you get the picture. Good luck. They are going to need it moving to SJ, just saw the affordability index 54%. :eek:
Come on Ron, be nice. Even though they are on the Left Coast, they are in the SillyCone vally...

They wood no what a Poor Old Scratch-pad is. :D
Although taking a slightly oblique approach to the question here are a couple of start points for a search. I also looked at Framer Select, but the closest listed were in San Francisco.


2293 Lincoln Ave
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: 408-265-5620
Contact names: Michael & Sherry

Don't ask directly if they are reputable famers. All framrs are.
Cornel, I used to work for the Phoenix in the mid 70s. But the owner died and it's changed hands....

So I could speak for them. But they used to be very good.

Everything else on the Yellow Pages.com were ones that I had no knowledge of. Amazing how fast a Rolodex can become obsolete.

Andrew, did you notice that which every search engine you used pulled up The Gallery in Mt Shasta.... which is about 180 miles farther than Sacramento....

But we're going to forgive you this one because I know that the surf is up out at Newport and that's really where your mind was.... not the surf per se, but the accompaning thongs that goes with it. :D
Wow! There are some grumpy grumblers out there. Whynot, were you angry because you had to work on Saturday, or do you display this type of animosity to everyone who asks a simple question? If it’s the latter, I feel sorry for your customers. My advice to you: Lighten up! Life is too short to be so angry and condescending. Thanks but no thanks for your recommendation. I would be afraid to send my friend to any establishment that was referred by such a hostile source.
You are absolutely positively wrong, Fourcorners. You too have misinterpreted my accuracy and high standards for sheer hostility (but that has more to do with the inner ability to read people than anything else). Do you really think that I am publicly sending your friend to a butcher or a crook because I hate you? Get real and use your logic. Exactly because of my fine (hostile) mash you can be sure that I was naming the best framer in town who fits your requirements, not a con framer. Phoenix matches your requirements to the best of my knowledge.
Why are you asking for help if you don’t mean the very best solution in your friend’s case? Are you happy with just about any San Jose framer, as long as he is a grumbler or is backed by a grumbler? Then why did you ask for a reputable framer in the first place? You either use big adjectives in a more than casual way or have expected that less (dis)reputable framers from SJ get shied and keep silent, or even show you the right guy.
You are being of dubious help to your friend if you moodily disregard my sincere, severely screened recommendation in favor of any other that was being presented to you in a more sugary way. You ought to give your friend the absolute best address in town, not just one that happened to be given to you by the most likable grumbler around. Friends deserve better decisions than those based on moods and likes. Hope you don’t pick your doctor or pilot based on same loose criteria.
I donno. Doctors can get away with a lousy bedside manner if they're really good, and I've never actually had to talk to my pilot.

But I like my framers and Grumblers to be agreeable.

"Agreeable Grumbler" does sound like an oxymoron, though, doesn't it?
Cornell, please. Go spend some time WATCHING Maria work with gold leaf. You ARE getting grumpy.
And I have seen you a lot more fun and playfull.

Fourcorners, if the Phoenix is still around, it is very likely because it still perscribes to the same high standards that it held when I worked there.

The three neighborhoods that are directly around it, are middle class neighborhoods with meticulusly mowed and tended yards. They also demanded the same from their framer.

The Phoenix was a full spectrum framer, 1/2" OT Blk to closed corners. Should suite your friend just fine as a starting place... and maybe a home.
Dear Baer,
Why do you need to use savant words that are poorly eplained by MY electronic dictionary? Grumpy: cross (???) Grumpily (adverb), grumpiness (noun)... :(
Didn't know you worked for Phoenix. Now that I do know, I don't wonder why they no longer are what they once used to be. ;)


I was thinking of those nice grumblers that were so tempted to forgive and find excuses for what happened in the Superdome... How come that I get so little of their understanding and those felons so much? I guess big-mouthing all the time must be worse than raping with style once in a life time. LOL No complaints, just thinking out loud.
This is why I love the Grumble!
A thread with San Jose, Ca in the title means nothing to me but with 22 posts, it becomes a must read!!!

You must be disappointed by now. I had contributed with 6/22 posts which is why such a benign thread got taht far (literally and figuratively). Must invent and put at work a couple of clones, not to be acused that I am monopolizing certain topics down here. ;)

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter won't mind!" Dr. Seuss.
Well, ah, er... I bet Dr. Seuss and Mrs. Sue May Moderator never changed glances.
I enjoy reading posts without sugar coating. ;)
I don't know about clones but maybe you have a dog or cat who can express your views? :eek: :D
I do have a dog, Sue. He's deeper than I. However, being the true boss that I am, in my house I am doing the typing and he's doing the thinking and, of course, the dishing for me ;)
Aaah jeez Cornel. You just had to go and ruin it didn't you.

Now all I can think about is that you have a dog.

And that means, you have a heart. :D
Originally posted by Baer Charlton:
actually explain the circumstance and think of a few quick questions that would make you comfortable passing their name on.

Q: How many years in business?
Q: Would my mother get fair treatment? Or raped?
Q: Do you stock paper mats or just archival?
Q: Is ConClear your default for glass on your POS?

Ohh this might actually be good fun. Let’s see just how "reputable" I am.

A: 2 years but I think made my first frame when I was 8 or so.
A: How old is she? What color hair?
A: Depends on what you want framed. I gladly sell both.
A: Default is for dummies. I can pick any glass I want on my POS software. I sell ConClear on about 1 job a week.

So how would I rank? I really hope this doesn’t give you a clear indication of anything.
Well I at last have an answer to fourcorners original post here...

Most of you might remember that I was managing one of the best shops in San Francisco
Well I have moved south in the last couple of months. I am now managing a Very Reputable shop in Menlo Park, which is 15 minutes north of San Jose. It is a Great Frame Up....but don't hold that against me. If you know my old shop you know that I know what I am doing.

So in answer to your query Fourcorners

The Great Frame Up
1047-B El Camino Real
Menlo Park, CA 94025
650 323 - 1097
Brian Kolberg, Manager
And in defense of Cornell...

He isn't the first person to go off when the question was asked about "reputable framers".
I got chewed out in one of my first thread discussions regarding art conservation for using that term (I believe by Jim Miller). As if all Grumblers aren't "reputable".

Nah, that shop is not reputable enogh. Don't send your friend up there.


1. I know your old shop.
2. Fourcorners is committed to do just the opposite of whatever I'm advising her to do.