Looking for Framer in Albany, NY


WOW Framer
Jul 24, 2001
Buffalo, New York, USA/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
A dear friend has the speedy need of a framer in Albany for some original drawings by her adopted son who was tragically drowned a few weeks ago. There is going to be a memorial service and she would like to be able to honor his memory by including these artworks at the service.

It is not possible for ME to do them (they are large-ish) and get them back to her on time.

Here is another problem. These pieces on paper have been rolled up for a long time, one is pencil and the other maybe charcoal. She did go to a local framer and that framer told her THE ONLY WAY TO FLATTEN THEM WAS DRYMOUNTING!!!!!

So - if YOU ARE or if you KNOW ANYONE who is a truly professional framer in this area - PLEASE email me immediately or post the reply here!!!!!

Since nobody seems to be or know any framers in Albany I wrote a letter of instruction for my friend to take back to the original frame shop that suggested drymounting. I described what I would do to flatten the pieces, how to frame them properly; and then I wrote three paragraphs of introduction to the Grumble.

Hey, it couldn't hurt, right?