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looking for floater moulding


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Jan 5, 2002
annapolis, md., usa
looking for a floater moulding to use on some stretched canvas pieces. Client thinks she wants something about 1 1/4 deep, black outside and maybe gold outside. She is flexible at this point but wants somethinng nice for five 30 x 50 pieces that will be auctioned in about five weeks. Haven't seent he art yet, but will be examining this evening. She is concerned the rabbet on most mouldings will cover important features of the art!
good lord, there's tons of them out there

LJ will do

Presto has a cheapo that fits you're discription

The Don Mar # is 437-BB
I have a related question that'll I'll piggy-back on Katman's thread (so that nobody will even see it.)

For those of you who are stretching canvases that are going to be framed in one of these floaters, are you doing the corners of the canvases any differently (for a tighter corner?)

Katman: L-J Silhouete - page 61 - 6 profiles.

Who needs a rep?
Larson 343804 is black 1 1/4 deep, 353806 is black with gold face 1 5/8 deep. If you buy chop, be careful when ordering - Larson chops these to exact size, no allowance. make sure you add the black space that you want. Check for squareness and even end and center dimensions of the canvases if you want to use this type of frame.

Pat :D
Ron, just in case you look back to this thread for a response to your embedded query.
Not on every one mind you, but I have relieved some of the wood on the stretcher so that when I make a "hospital" corner with the canvas the extra thickness is concealed.