Looking for Eclipse Owners



I'm trying obtain some usable information on the Eclipse-pro and con. I'm on the fence currently between the Fletcher and Eclipse. The archives are very thin. I know where the Fletcher owners stand, definitely sold on the machine. If I am leaning any particular way, it's toward the Fletcher. You may remember from other posts I am a Mat Maestro owner. The fact that Fletcher has been around forever and is focused in the framing industry gives them an edge. Eclipse on the other hand is a division of another company which makes it's existence slightly more at risk.

Anyway you Eclipse owners (if there are any on the G) can e-mail me at;


Jim Svetlecic-State of the Art
Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Hello Jim,

Please contact me directly at 800.972.8913 so I can avoid giving the group an unsolicited Eclipse plug.

For those of you interested in CMC's, I recommend you follow Jim's example: talk to existing CMC owners! There are different CMC's on the market that have different features, benefits, price points, financing options, etc. Sure they will all cut mats (well, most of them), but do your homework and ask existing CMC owners how the machines work for them. This is invaluable information. Talk to the CMC companies to find out about what is included, software features, hardware components, warranties, service, installation & training, etc., etc. Bottom line...educate yourself! Be smart, ask questions, and choose the machine that meets YOUR needs.

I hope you can all take this post as an attempt to help you make decisions regarding CMC's.

Maybe John Ranes (Fletcher) and Michael Bales (Wizard) would like to add their 2 cents? The best customers are educated customers.

Mike Anglesey