Looking for Easel Backs

Bob Carter

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Jun 16, 2000
We have looked everywhere with little luck and hope someone might have a suggestion

We need a good, sturdy easel back that has a larger than 1" drop. Meaning the actual "wing" or "leg" of the easel is longer by more than an inch of the backing. For example an 8x10 easel would have a leg of at least 9 1/2".

All the easels we have found are only of the 1" variety and when you have a frame width of 2" or more the frame sits at about a 45 degree angle. Looks perfect for someone as tall as Shaq, I guess

Any suggestions?
Oh Bob, you really need to go visit Gryphon...

call Philip. and ask about the easels he showed me.

I don't think he was intending to sell them as such, but it might fill a need.....

"Phillip, your phone is ringing."
I've too have been looking for the very same thing. Only very very sturdy to hold up a very heavy ceramic frame.

Maybe I'll call too?
United was showing a two-part decorative metal stand that attaches to a masonite-type backer in the frame. They are brass and very nice looking.
Thanks, Baer-I'll call Phillip. I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to hook up in San Diego

Ellen, thanks for your advice, but we are looking for adrop it the back type easel. We are selling more and more RM's cut from that last 4-5ft left over from the custom project.

Most of these are in the under $2 range and come in 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10. Every has them in their catalogs and they work fine unless your moulding is over 1 1/2" wide

We used to stock 100s of easel backs in various sizes and moulding widths which constituted a huge commitment. Then came Curl up'n stand which is a two part system consisting of a socket which fits over the backing board and an "s" shaped stand which fits into it to support the frame available in various sizes.

It is superb - it actually works and looks good into the bargain - no sagging struts - no need to stock various sizes as any size is possible.

Sorry can't find a picture - Dermot over to you?


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Bob, what Philip has is a wood back and leg.. similar to what Epoch had, before they went cheap with paper wrap.

Philip's are VERY nice. But you glue them on to the back of the frame. (Hot glue would work good for a "while you wait").

My reference to Philips phone ringing is that when his wife calls his cell phone... it's her voice that is saying so very sweetly "Phillip, you phone is ringing".
It just cracked me up when I heard it.

But also, I think what he has could be a niche product that fills a powerful need. I've always hated those black cheap drop in and point into the frame....
Great if you don't look at the back... but as frames become more "decorator accents" they will be seen all around.
Bob, I've resorted to "Easel Mates", The metal thingamajigs you screw on to the bottom of the frame. Have you tried those?
Yea for what your talking about Bob, "Easel Mates" are perfect. There only problem I have had is that you have to remove the metal thingamajigi before you package it. Then the customer has to put it back together when they get home. After that these things are like gold.
Ok, do you need them to be the "window kind" (ie, turn buttons) or can you use bendable framer's points?

What I've been doing is buying from "the normal suppliers" (usually loking for a strap attached to the leg for 8 x 10 or larger) then you position the leg so it is level with the bottom of the moulding, mark to fit opening, (you will be cutting the bottom and one side at least) cut on mark with a mat cutter, then place in the opening and use black bendable framer's points.

The stand is the perfect length. Not "just close," and it looks good.

For some mouldings you have to use a black marker or thin acrylic and paint the back of the moulding for looks, but often you don't even need to do that. Of course, for a little more effort and "cost" you can apply your own turnbuttons.
The Lade Back Company out of the UK www.ladeback.com for the Curl Up n Stand and they also have a newer product on their site…………….great products….. http://www.ladeback.com/Curlupnstandregistered.htm


M & M are the Distributors for the US


Hi Cliff-We currently do that-take an 11x14 easel and cut it to fit an 8x10 frame. I was just hoping to find something else

Thanks for the help
If you want to order a quantity you can have them made with the drop you want.
Thre should be a supplier/manufacturer in your area.