Looking for Anne Geddes "Discovery" print

j Paul

PFG, Picture Framing God
Feb 23, 2004
I had a customer call today looking for a print by Anne Geddes called "Discovery" she says it is a little girl finding her "belly button". Called Libermanns and the say that it is out of print. Just thought I would ask here on the chance that someone still had one in their print bins, or knew of another source.
Thanks J Paul
Check out the website for "Portal Publications". I saw it on their website only a couple months ago.
J Paul you may have a very difficult time. I recently contacted Portal and Anne Geddes Publishing and all I was able to find was two of the greeting card size (which I was sent by the Publisher) but they sent me another print also since they didn't have but those TWO). The 8X10 wasn't available the cards are 5X7.

However they suggested looking at PORTAL and Geddes distributors but this wasn't very helpfull since this is an older print and not many are around anymore.(The fact that the publisher didn't even have any is a strong indication)
Thanks, that is what I found also so far. Only the 5x7 card size. The name of the print might actually be "navel" and not "discovery". As it seems by her discription that it is a little girl discovering her navel.
Again hoping that maybe one will show up somewhere. The customer is a childrens hospital.