Looking for an oval frame


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Aug 30, 2005
Fremont, California
Hi all. Been a while since I last posted. Changed jobs recently.

So I am looking for an oval frame size 8x10. The moulding is fairly simple but is addorned with a ribbon and roses compo top that protrudes above the top of the frame. The finish is composition gold leaf with a medium gray wash on it. Inline ovals doesn't carry the finish I am looking for and Schiftan's frames are a little to ornate and the wrong size.

Can you help?

Sorry no camera here at the new shop to show you an example of what the client brought in to match.
Hi-hi-hi, where is your agenda when needed, Brian? I guess this frame must be found as ready made, at an afordable price, right? I wish you meant a custom made, money-is-not-an-issue oval frame, to get up and start bidding myself ;)

Listren, if ILO has it, but in a different finish, why don't you order their frame gilded and then bother to finish it yourself. Medium gray wash finish is only 20c. worth of mateials and 5 minutes work away. And I know of at least 10 grumblers able to hold your hand through the process.
Originally posted by Whynot:
Listren, if ILO has it, but in a different finish, why don't you order their frame gilded and then bother to finish it yourself.

did I just read that right?

Cornel, did you buy stock in ILO? :D
Hi Baer,

Why don't we start a business together: Buying ILO and refinishing it in genuine gold to look just like composition gold leaf? Brian, hold your breath until Baer says yesss, will you?
I would definitely call you if I needed a custom frame. Unfortunately you are correct. I need an "affordable" readymade frame. Not cheap mind you but not $300 for an 8x10 either.
Now, Brian, you served me an excellent opportunity to prove you that I am not that expensive as the rumor goes. Thank you.

The price you mentioned above would buy you for instance a 5ft (say 22" x 16" OD) 1 1/4" wide scoop with front compo beads, hand made and hand gilded in 22k gold leaf OVAL FRAME by American Choce, not an 8" x 10". As I charge no minimum footage, a 8" x 10" custom made frame would range anyway from $117 up.
But I understand the rumors. I must be breah-takingly expensive in compaison with those manufacturers whose plastic 8x10 ready made oval frames retail for twenty some dollars, right? ;)
How much to refinish that ILO 8x10 with the little ribbon on the top? :D

don't answer cornel....i'm just funning with you.

BTW: still waiting for the catalog.
Sorry, Baer, as I told you my catalog is due out in December this year and I'll send it out to all my friends. My mom and you included
Ok $117 and up. How much more for protruding ribbon compo top? Then double that and add shipping. I'm not suggesting that your frames aren't worth every penny, because they are. I just need something comming in at arround $200-$250 retail is all.

I am truely dissapointed in the grumble. This post has been active for 4 days now and I haven't gotten a response from a grumbler that has something like what I'm asking for.
I just love pulling your chain Cornel, now that I know your big enough to take me. :D

We are weighting ( :D ) with salsa baited breath.

My niece loved her frame that I gave her for her big 5-0. Now she is afraid to touch it. LOL

Brian..k, getting just a little pissy doesn't help your case any.....
right now, there are only two people who care about your search for an oval....

and one of us is loosing interest really fast.

As I said before, try ILO

They have a little bas relief ribbon... but not the one that extends beyond like the 17c italianet.

For the pre-leafed compo ribbon... you apply it yourself...try Bomar
I'm not trying to sound "pissy" although I do realise it's kinda comming off that way. I'm just used to posting something on the G and getting more than I'd hoped for. To top it off I've been beating my head into a wall looking for this frame. My customer has two so I know they are made. Funny thing is they are from a store not 20 miles away. Why she doesn't go there and get a new one is beyond me. Alas I will never suggest that a client go find a frame somewhere else. Maybe I should go buy one at this other store (if they are arround still) and mark it up $50 and call it a win.
I'm sorry I don't have any answer for you Brian.

Baer, you are a very talented and knowledgeable man.
That doesn't excuse your behavior on this thread.
You and Cornell are acting like two bratty children...IMHO!
Deb, I'm sorry that you feel so offended....

Personally I was feeling just a little bent because an intelligent framer was acting like a complete dunce. Brian asked where to get.... fine.

In the next 8 postings, In Line Ovals is mentioned in no less than 6 posts.

Then does Brian come back on and say 'hey, thanks guys. I should have thought of In Line Ovals myself.' NO.

Basically what I read into his:
"I would definitely call you if I needed a custom frame. Unfortunately you are correct. I need an "affordable" readymade frame. Not cheap mind you but not $300 for an 8x10 either."
IS: 'I don't have to read the afore post because it's Cornel and Baer being childish little butheads at my expense'.

Childish.... a point of view
Little...... not since we were maybe 5 years old.
Butheads . . . for recommending a vendor that got Cornel into more hotwater then a steam plant? I think not.

Were we having a little fun. Yeah. Guilty as charged.

Will all this have the result of Brian finding what he needs....NO.

What Brian needs, is to pull his head out of his shop and drive 20 miles down to San Jose and buy exactly what the customer wanted, but was too lazy to go get themselves... and if he charges and gets the extra $50... and gains a customer who thinks he is magic.... then good on him.

Beyond that. I give up. No pleasing him, and no pleasing you. Good thing my wife and dog still think I'm OK.

Jeez, I hope I spelled everything correctly.
Baer, obviously you didn't read Brian's first post completely.
He clearly states that ILO has the profile but the finish is wrong.

Taking the drive to get what the customer needs and then marking it up would seem like the best solution. Of course with the price of gas today he may need to mark it up a little more.

By the way, I never used the term buttheads.
Perhaps schoolyard bullies would have been more appropriate.
Cripes, it seems that anything having to do with oval frames is destined to be doomed for all eternity here on the G. For the record, I don't think it looked like the ensuing replies were being helpful. All I see are thinly veiled potshots. Not sure who the potshots were directed at because most of it appears to be incoherent rambling. Probably a good idea to remember that not everybody who crosses our threshold is in on the Joke when they make the mistake of asking for oval frame advice.......

Not that anybody asked for my opinion.

Let me say this for the reccord, ILO is offering a product line that's evidently in big demand and also very attractively priced. That spells a good business position to be in regadless of my personal taste for real wood, hand crafted, superior finished frames. ILO is a good frame making business, not a good school of frame making, a frame temple or so. In fact I have little to blame ILO for, if any at all. They sell what you framers, and your costumers, are willing to get and pay for. It isn't that ILO has no competition or framers other choices.
In this context it was foolish of me to preach superior frames over commercial ones, much like one would insist on and on that Chopin is superior to Eminem, when in fact not frame -or musical- science and art are at stake here but making ends meet and rounding up bank accounts with some grace and art.
Deb, I'm sure that I can speak for Cornel when I say that we are very truly sorry that we were misbehaving in any way.

As Pat pointed out, and Cornel explained, mentioning ILO anytime in the last year was only minutes away from hearing Cornel fume about Chopin (actually I thought is was Mendleson...)

But Cornel has seen the same light that I saw several years ago... that ILO does a very good job at what they do.

This is not to say that they "do a very GOOD job", but that they do THIER job.

So back to Brian..K, yes, I agree, he should have never even wasted the finger time and should have been busy pedaling his bike down the bay to get another frame. (With a bike, he gets exercise, doesn't have to mark the frame up so high, and makes points with Edie thenobodyneedsacarandshouldberidindbikesgodess.

As for Cornel, I guess if I'm going to tease anyone, I better no do it in a public forum.
So I called the shop that they were from and was told that they either no longer carry them/aren't made anymore. So I'm no longer lazy. Not to mention I don't own a bike.

So Cornel,
Throw me a quote for an 8x10 oval GML finish with a ribbon compo on top. The profile should be an 1 1/2" (7/8" tall) or 375mm for you Euro types. The profile if possible will have an interior scoop and a smaller reverse scoop on the outside. Or something along those lines. Plain profile. No ornamentation on the profile.

Just send me a private response. I will see how much my client realy wants this frame.