Looking for an old favorite

Framing Goddess

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Jul 18, 2000
Cleveland, Ohio
I am on the lookout for a moulding for a good customer.

It is one that was very popular years ago, but since it is a basic style, some of you may know where to find something close enough to count.

It is a white-washed ash/oak (not maple) with a round top. A step or two on the sight or outside edge would be fine. The deeper the better; the narrower, the better.

If you give me some numbers, I can order up some chips to compare to the oldie.

Thanks in advance!

Edie the stillbuyingwhitewashinohio goddess
Yeah, that type of finish would be simple to do. I think that Gudbrandsen in Chicago has something like what you are describing, though. Also possibly Nurre Caxton American Harwdood series.
:cool: Rick
Jo, you win the prize.
I found a profile in Xylo's catalog that fit the bill. I ordered it raw and whitewashed it with watered down acrylic paint and then sealed it. It looked very nice and exactly like the stuff from the 80's.
They were just picked up today and everyone was pleased.
Thought you might want to know.

Edie the followingup goddess