Looking For Acrylic Shadowboxe Suppliers


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Mar 24, 2002
Clearfield, PA
A customer brought in a craft project that her son had made several years ago. It is a sailboat made from various nails & tacks with string. About 2 3/4" in depth (including the 1/2" backer board) and 16x20 overall.
Researching TG archives - I got in touch w/ Lois from Superior Acrylic and she is going to e-mail me some information on her products.
At the Decor show in NYC there was another firm selling acrylic shadowboxes - but alas, I didn't pick up any literature from them. (alsa = "DOH" in Homer Simpsonese).
Do any Grumblers know who they are & would you post the phone Number or web address?
Showcase Acrylics, a division of Gemini Moulding in the Chicago area, does acrylic fabrications. I'm not at the shop but Gemini is on the web and in your Decor Sources issue.

Years ago, I got some boxes from Small Corp. They were exquisite and pricey.

I use Showcase 'cause they deliver here and their work is good, but Lois has a very special product and, if you need to have it shipped anyway, I'd use Superior.
I'll second Ron's recommendation of Showcase and Superior. They're both great to deal with and make a great product. I don't have any firsthand experience with Small Corp but judging from their website, they do beautiful work.

You may also want to check you local yellow pages under acrylic or plastic fabricators. Having someone local can be really handy, especially for odball stuff where you may need to talk in person and get some ideas.

If any Grumblers are in the Atlanta area, look up 3D Acrylic Studios. Pace Chambless there does fantastic work.
Thanks Ron & Dave for your info.

Just got the Gemini catalog last month - will have to check it out.

Thanks, again