Looking for a Yankee Logo for Wizard


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Feb 19, 2002
Anyone have a file that is the NY Yankee logo that can be used on the Wizard that they would be willing to share or sell?
Do they have any Yankees in NY? Tim, I think they are all southerners. At least that's where they retire too.... gods waiting room.

I'll check our computer ....... Oops, Eclipes.
Not quite the same, yet.
We do have custom design services at Wizard. At the moment, it is $50 per design. Just e-mail me, fax me or mail me the image (or link if desired via e-mail) and let me know what size you would like it. I will draw it up in CutArt format, which you can then resize larger. I ask mainly for a size because I will consider that the smallest size you wish to cut it, and will test it at that size.