Looking for a print for one of THOSE customers


Cliff Wilson

Woman orders a print from my Lieberman's system.

It comes in and "the flowers are perfect, but the path is too orange." It's one of Monet's. SHe has a book on Monet that has it done "right."

I have a policy that if they are not happy with any print they don't have to pay for it. (I may be re-thinking this. about 1 out of 4 "aren't the right color.")

Anyway, she decides that maybe a different print by Monet, "Artist's Garden at Giverny" would be better. New York Graphics has it with an image size of 20 x 24. BUT, she wants to fit her existing frame with fillet that has a 21 1/4 x 21 1/4 opening.

So, my question ... Do any of you know of a print available in a larger size?

I said I'd ask.

For this special customer you can cut 2.75 off the 24" dimension, paste 1.75 to the 20" dimension and fit her frame. Call it a limited edition and charge her extra to cover your generosity for the print with the off-color path.