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Looking for a framer near zip 85260


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Mar 2, 2003
Looking for a framer near zip 85260 that can cut this for a customer.



True Grumbler
Jan 10, 2006
I would order it joined. This way Roma is responsible for having it arrive perfect.
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PFG, Picture Framing God
Forum Donor
Jan 27, 2010
Framers Workshop closed years ago.
We are located in 85260. Give me a call 480-284-8040

I know Rolf and yes, Framers Workshop is closed.
In the 90's I worked right across the street from Rolf on Craftsman Court in Scottsdale before we moved to Shops at Gainey in North Scottsdale until 2008 when the owner of our company retired.
We often would compete for commercial jobs and Rolf wasn't happy when we got the job...:rolleyes:

The shop I work at now is located in 85016 in Phoenix.
Shane's shop is located closer in the area you are looking for and he's a good guy.:thumbsup:
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David Waldmann

Herder of cats
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Feb 6, 2002
Me too. This customer insisted on getting length.

The customer is NOT always right.

I have NO idea of costs on this profile, so I am totally pulling these numbers out of the sky.

But let's pretend the length price is $10/ft.

The friendly helpful frame shop that can chop this can order it as the length price of $10 or joined for $15, and would be happy to just pass it through at $30.

BUT the Customer INSISTS on the friendly helpful frame shop order length and chop & join it in-house. If it were me, I'd charge them $40.

But that's just me. I am a bit (some say more than a bit) of a contrarian. I will arbitrarily charge someone +25% just because they are being PIA, or give someone a wholesale discount just because I like their story. BUT, I don't, or haven't yet*, lived or died on one order, so I feel some freedom.

*actually, I maybe did come back to life on one order back around 1991. We were well and truly done for, and got (what was then) a HUGE order for stuff we don't normally do. Had friends and family come camp out and help us five days a week while we did our "regular" work all in a Saturday. Of course there is no way to know 100%, but I feel pretty confident that if it weren't for that one job I would be doing something totally different today. More importantly, that situation has helped us over the years to never say never. Just because it's not "normal" doesn't mean we're not capable. In fact we are working right this minute on setting up for a project the likes of which we have never done, but will add 10-15% to our revenue for the foreseeable future with virtually no capital investment.


SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Jul 16, 2007
If I had to tackle that I would cut it on a chop saw as far as the blade would go and complete the cut
with a Japanese pull saw. With a bit of tidying up on the faces it should join OK. There is such a large
area to glue to that a few irregularities shouldn't be a prob. I'd put few biscuits in as well. 😉
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