Looking for a framer near Castle Rock, CO



I have a good friend that just moved to Castle Rock. She has a couple of items she wants framed, and asked about taking them to a big box... needless to say, I told her in my calmest voice that I would get the name of some places near her.

In case you are wondering why I am not framing them for her, she needs them faster than I could get them, frame them and ship them back. Besides, I am not comfy shipping a signed Hank Aaron card here and yon. That's just me...

For those of you wondering what FramerSelect ever did for you, she has also been instructed to search there.

Any takers?
Hi Gumbogirl,
I am reasonably close to Castle Rock. I know people who commute from there daily and drive into Denver. It is all highway to my store, I bet it is a 30-40 minute drive. Plus, I am reasonably sure the BB stores that have framing haven't hit Castle Rock yet. It is a cute little town. Unfortunately, the way we are growing it is becoming a suburb of Denver.

I'll send you info as to the directions to my store if you like, I come highly recommended, in my own mind anyway!
Thanks, Kathy. I will pass along your info., but I cannot guarantee she is driving to Aurora! I do appreciate you responding.

I lived in Denver (Wheatridge, actually) for several years in another life. I remember when Castle Rock was just a rest stop between Denver and Colorado Springs. It sounds like it really has become a 'burb of Denver!