Looking for a frame for a customer


Grumbler in Training
Oct 14, 2005
I am formerly known as JayRay on here. I got rid of my email and forgot my password so here's the new naem. Anyways I have a customer that wants to match this. Any help would be great

That looks like an old Aaron Brothers frame from the fifties and sixties. If it is joined with a cut and kerf method on a sloped back moulding, then it probably is one of them. They no longer make their own ready made frames, I believe.

Great minds John.....LOL.. That was Len's cheap answer to the French washed Baroque.... forget the leaf stage and you don't have to worry about the hot-water bath later... :D

Sorry Jay, we weren't laughing at you... just old common stuff.

Do your customer a favor... lead them away from the "dark side".

The closest that I have seen in recent years is some "stuff" that is a bad whitewash rendition of who knows what, by LJ.
Wow, Baer, bad rendition of ... by LJ? Why do I enjoy your reply? Because it's a capital sin to talk bad of the Frame's God, I think, and I am an iconoclast myself

This is the first time I hear of a grumbler not being more than happy with any one of LJ's finishes. Maybe you are not alone in having a discerning eye, but the others just wanna be (do) nice and not stir up a controversial topic. Hi-hi-hi
Jay, Aaron Brothers made probably in the millions of that frame over the years. They made it in all standard sizes up to 24"X 48". They also used it in their wholesale and contract divisions on pre framed "Art" and prints.

The reason for this little bit of history is that since they made so darn many of them, you may be able to find a larger one in a thrift store or garage sale, and cut it down. Joining it may pose a problem for you, that's a different thread.