Logan's Dual Point Driver


May 26, 2004
Brandon, MS
Brown’s Framing & Fine Art
Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with Logan's Dual Point Driver. Will it use Fletcher's FrameMaster Framer's Points (wax-free stacked)?

FrameMaster points are "keyed" as are the guns so the guns can only use this type of point.

The Logan gun is not keyed so can see no reason why the frameMaster points would not work unless they are a different size.
Just found out the Logan Point Driver will only use their points.
And I found out why the whole board rips on Logan. My junker driver didn't even work out the box. I could never get a single point to fire. Tech support didn't answer at 7PM EST either.
For about the first six years I was in business I cut all my mats on a "Logan II" matcutter. This was an obscure and interesting machine that had a stationary bar with a head that rode on it and lowered its beveled cutter into the board when pressure was applied to a palm lever. It worked very well and was great for production work because there was no bar to lift. Having said that, most Logan tools simply aren't built for the rigors of professional frame shop use.
:kaffeetrinker_2: Rick