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Dec 9, 2004
Albany, N.Y.
O.K. I think I'm ready to step-up to a new mat cutter. I currently own the Logan 40" cutter and it's O.K. it has it's corks and I've gotten buy for 4 years with this thing but I Again I'm ready. Now, I know Fletcher is the "one" But instead of spending a couple of Grand,is there a Logan (48" 650 perhaps)out there that will do the job for my small in home, singal,double and occassionally a triple mat endevours? I need a good sturdy base and a good rail system With squaring arm and production stops
Talk to me Logans !!
I use the 48" Logan Framers Edge (655) and the 60" (660). I'm a part time framer and my volume is low averaging 24 mats per week (mostly simple double mats). I use the production stops for almost every mat as I find that quicker and more accurate than drawing marks on the back. I don't have any complaints with the Logan's and as they're doing the job I guess I'll stick with them until such time as I can find additional business to justify a CMC.

Just my two cents:
Homebased framer too, had a 40 inch Logan, now have a Fletcher 48in. Worth every penny.

My dist. was nice enough to set up a payment plan for me. Ask yours and they may
Originally posted by FramingFool:

(I didn't know Logans had corks???)
I think he probably meant "quirks".

I have one and I love it. I do single, double, and triple mats just fine. Also multi openings, open panels, v-grooves, photo corners, and title blocks. The only reason I'd want another brand is for quantities. I don't do hundreds a week, so it's fine. I do wish I'd gotten a 48 or 60" when I got this one. When I upgrade, it will probably be a CMC.

Hey everyone thanks for the feed back, keep 'em coming i appreciate it ! I'll look into the logan 48 " ( 655 i think ) it seems nice but I never used one. I will also look into the Fletcher. I agree about doing it right the first time, but It's a hard pill to swallow at that price !
Thanks everyone !!
I started out with a Logan and then moved up to a Fletcher, at the advice of John Ranes. I wish I had talked with him first. I got it last year at the Phila. trade show from M&M, Money WELL spent
The Logan is still here, leaning up against the wall.
Went from a 60" Logan 660 to a Fletcher 2200. If you are not going to buy the Fletcher, do yourself a favor and make certain you never use one because if you do, you will regret purchasing the 660. If you never use anything but a Logan, you can be very happy with it.