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Local/cloud backup solutions

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David Waldmann

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Feb 6, 2002
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I have been using iDrive for quite a while but the last few months it has been failing backups and numerous emails to/from tech support have not resolved the problem.

I've tried two other products and haven't been happy with them: Nakivo was creating bloated backups, and Novastor would work fine for a day or two and then fail.

Here's what I want:
  • Local backup to NAS device, with multiple version options (say up to 10) and open file support, as well as the ability to do image backup of the OS drive.
  • backup to the cloud with multiple versions.
This is to back up a Windows 2012 R2 server.

The NAS currently has Elephant Drive on it, which backs up to the cloud. I could continue that as long as the backups from the server are not daily full, as they quickly exceed my 2TB limit at Elephant Drive.

Just in case it's not obvious, the backups should run automatically and notify me of errors.

Any suggestions?

Mike Labbe

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Jun 25, 2002
Lincoln, RI
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No specific suggestions, beyond paying for more space perhaps?

This forum is backed up 4 different ways. Two of them are done by the ISP, one of them being off-site. One is done by script daily to a local unix server in the frame shop (which is a day old backup for testing), and the primary one happens twice daily and believe it or not I back it up with a Windows 10 (home) machine on an automated routine. Various crons run on the server to create backup files for the SQL files and for the physical files, at different times of the day. (30 days worth of generations) The Windows machine is set up with a simple task manager entry for each download (3am and 3pm) to invoke an old program called FTPSYNCH. That program securely FTPs in and grabs any updated files, and transfers them to the home system. It takes 1-3 minutes usually, per session. I have a couple 4tb drives in the machine, so buying cloud space isn't needed. These are stored on the home machine as well as on the forum's server, in a secure folder not reachable through the web.

If any of that gives another way, great! If I just gave you a headache with all that, I apologize. ha

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