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Dec 7, 2001
Could not resist had to take abreak and wipe my eyes off laughing so hard tears.
Customer comes in Nice looking women dressed to the hilt:

I would like this framed really creatively. It is a sport picture, tin logo of the team, two oter copies of team logo, and wanted to know if we could make a cut out and put in Divsional Champions 2004 (she wanted us to supply this)
I reply yes we can!
As I am starting to lay it out she says I want to keep it simple and small. So I continue. When all the sudden She speaks again. This is for my nephew and I don't want to spend a lot. I have already spent 20 minutes with her.

Okay let me just size this up. About a 17x20 It should run you min. $75.00 to $150.00.


I thanked her for stopping and maybe we could help her with her next frame job. As she left I caught a glimce of her Jag. she was driving.
Ok... I'm crying to hear that you would charge so little for such a job!! The frame alone should cost around around your minimum quote. You seriously need to take another look at how you price work. As Bob C. would say...you are leaving money on the table. It's obvious that she wsn't going to buy but it wasn't because you were too pricey. She was a cheap **#@#@# if you know what I mean.

Just my two cents worth. Otherwise, I agree... I find those people VERY funny!!

Min. included single mat one opening and regular glass oem metal frame. We chop our own. Not out of line for our area.
Hey Jim,

Good to hear from you...shoulda woulda coulda quoted $ 250.00, but let her know that Thursdays are "Jag Daze". If you arrive in your Jag, you save $ 50.00 on the job! Make her feel special and you woulda coulda got the job!

Hope your holi-daze are great, Jim.

Dave Makielski
I love to hear these stores. I hope you don't mind if I share my best one.

I had a customer come in and was all over me about how we were the best shop in town. No one else knew what they were doing. Now, I had never seen this woman before, so her compliments sent up a red flag. She ordered but didn't have her purse for the deposit. I delivered, she paid. The next order, same story, no purse with her. I finished the order, it was 4 months, but she came in, paid, took her order. Next job, same story, no purse. It was just a mat and mount. This time rush, two days. I had it ready, no customer. I hear from another frame shop that we are charging way too much for 16x20 mats. After comparing notes, we know who other frame shop is talking to.

A year goes by and she comes in for her work, doesn't want the mat, we have to take it apart and give her work to her. We see her drive away in some fancy, very expensive new car. We roll our eyes.

Next thing I hear about her, she is running for mayor of a little town next to us. We are all laughing --- No way will this woman ever get elected. We are all in shock, she is elected. She gets in big fight at town meeting after town meeting. Accuses someone of an almost assult. (What is an almost assult?) Six months after being elected mayor, she is recalled.

We got the last laugh!!!!

Thanks for letting me Frank-n-thread!!!

Seems to me you would have a lien on her work somewhat like a mechanics lien. The only reason to not charge her for the mat and give her back her work would be to get rid of her.

However, getting her really steamed up by refusing to give her back her work without paying for it would get rid of her for good!

Sometimes you have to fire customers.

Let your "competition" have 'em.

Dave Makielski
Makielski Art Shop
Edwardsburg, MI
Hope all is well up north.
Good suggestion but Thru. is BENZ-DASE everyone knows that.

I don't understand why you did not charge her for the mat. you could have informed her that there was a labor charge for taking it out of the mat. Which is $.10 less than the mat cost her. Thank you come back again.

We get great joy from all our customers some by coming some by leaving.
A guy came in here with a Red Sox thing to be framed. As I’m pulling out some suede mat samples he says he had another one just like this done at Prints Plus and it cost him THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS!!! And there is NO WAY he is going to pay THAT much again. At least I didn’t have to waist any time on him.
Originally posted by GUMBY, GCF:
...I would like this framed really creatively...Okay let me just size this up. About a 17x20 It should run you min. $75.00 to $150.00. OH THAT WAY TO MUCH... I thanked her for stopping and maybe we could help her with her next frame job. As she left I caught a glimce of her Jag. she was driving.
I guess we've all enjoyed laughing off clueless customers. But the framer who earns her business will have the last laugh.

When someone like your lady-in-the-Jaguar comes in here, we don't want her to leave thinking our prices are unreasonable. We know better, and we think she should, too. We earn a lot of those orders with a bit of empathy and explanation.

You wasted twenty minutes with her, and then sent her away. If you had invested another twenty minutes, might you have earned her order? Maybe so, and her next order, and the next one...and maybe her glowing, influential endorsement to the members of her cocktail club.

Several years ago, a woman dropped off a large poster dating from the sixties. it appears to have historic and, to my eye, probably intrinsic value. She went whole hog with conservation and the price was around $350. No deposit, of course.

After several months of post card reminders, phone calls, and increasingly nasty dunning letters, I got fed up a went to file with the clerk of small claims court. After paying the fee, I went to get in my car when I saw her in the parking lot. I approached her (nicely) and mentioned that I had just filed. She absolutely freaked!

It turns out she was going to file nomination papers for the NH House of Representatives. She apparently thought that court dates were published in the local newspapers and believed that her nomination was, therefore, doomed. The state only pays its reps $200 for each 2 year term, so her salary would only pay for a portion of the framing. Nonetheless, she showed up the next day and paid.

She got elected, but didn’t show up for nearly 80% of the votes on the floor. She was a one term representative.