LM NJ Branch closing....


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Sep 11, 2003
new england
Been rumors for awhile but I just got the call.
My opinion...be very careful with LM... we think we might see some black specks in the sky...
La Marche
We don't buy LaMarche but I, too, hope they are not on the way out. Hate to see any player in the business go. They had a large booth in Atlanta....maybe they're reorganizing. From some of the recent posts on the grumble, it is obvious that they need to do something.
I may be wrong about this.....my PFM isn't in front of me right now, but didn't the Sept. magazine have a LaMarche ad that announced a new website that enabled us to get accurate inventory information?

Maybe it was a hopeful dream last night. Hmmmmmm
yup, those are buzzards...

We have been doing business with La Marche for years and it has really just been downhill for awhile. Mostly stock problems and moving dates that the mouldings are due back in. Now closing their New Jersey warehouse there are all the signs of bad news. I have been in this business for 20+ years and moves like these are never good.
I am hoping that someone more directly connected to the company can shed some positive light on the situation. I do hate to see companies with good lines and ideals close. I, for one, am too vested in the line to take alot of risk with it so I am worried.