LJ musee fillets


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Oct 20, 2003
Northeast US
I can’t seem to cut these without them chipping. I guess it’s because of the layer of clay. Our rep said a miter sander would take care of that, but we haven’t got one. Any other suggestions? (I’m using a Morso chopper.)

Also, has anyone ever ordered fillets choped to size by LJ? I don't imagine they would come in exactly the size of the mat.
Check the order book, you can order them chopped depending on window opening, "to show" or "to fit".

In other words you got three ways to get the wrong size! I order mine chopped and when I order right they do come in right, but when I don't....... oh well.
I’ve been doing a fair number of fillets in the last month (none using Musée, however).

When I was trying to trim some Decor fillets, I was getting some flaking on their gessoed fillets.

I changed the blades on the Morsø and began to take teeny-tiny nibbles (rather than one big slice) from them and the problem of chipping disappeared. I don’t have a sander, either.

I always order chops (of all mouldings) 1/2” larger than needed. I am convinced that my miters are better than the distributors and, in the case of fillets, being off by a sixteenth of an inch off will louse up the whole design. I always order fillets larger so I can fine tune the interior fit.
That clay is a real pain. They do make a filler now but that is not a great solution. You could let LJ do the cutting to exact size, glue the fillets and cut your mat to fit the "fillet frame."
I do a lot of fillets as well and years ago I found a way to cut those little fillets that chip much to often while chopping.

If you wrap the fillet with removeable masking tape in the area you are chopping, it will sometimes (not always) help to hold the fillet together without chipping it. Also, if you haven't sharpened your miter blades for a while, you should. Dull blades have a tendency to be the biggest cause the chipping problems.

Another thing that I do is cut the dementions a 1/4" longer than what is needed and then shave it down to the proper size. The chips will usually be in that extra 1/8" on each end, so you will be shaving them off. Hope this helps. Fillets can be such a pain sometimes. Good luck.