LJ ads working


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 9, 2001
Skaneateles,NY USA
I had a customer come in yesterday and asked how you pronounce LJ and what are they all about... she saw the ads, loved them and wanted to know more.

In my little corner of the world, it is infiltrating - go figure!

Maybe I’m living in a cave, but what ads?

Where have you seen them? In magazines, TV, the web, where?
Gourmet magazine for one, Bill.
November issue (I think) had a 4 page spread in the very front of the magazine.
They are targeting upper end home shelter mags...Architectural Digest, Town & Country...as well as Gourmet (I don't know about other foodie mags).
Don't expect a referral if you're not a "partner".
Elaine, talk about infiltrating small corners of the world. I was talking to a potential client last week. He said he and his family had moved here recently. I asked where he was from....Skaneateles, NY!
Diane - its a small town, I probably know them or of them. The company I used to work for owned a company in New Hampshire - not sure if they still do, it could be a transfer.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if she saw a magazine ad or the fineliving.com commericals; she specifically asked how to pronounce Larson "Juhl" she may have seen the magazines, because she pronouced "juhl" as "yule" and I know the fineliving ads pronounce the name in the ads very clearly

either way, people are noticing