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CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jul 30, 2000
Woodland Hills, CA
My distributor is no more. Need 12 x 16 of what I know as Bay 49-9501G. 1 3/8" wide flat (1/2 deep) moulding with light greenish wash and small mostly blue flower & vine pattern painted on it. I'm sure there is another distributor with this.

THANKS for your help.

As far as I know this is still available from Bay Moulding. 800-366-1007 At least I hope they didn't discontinue it. This line works well with needlepoint.
I had forgotten that Orr was buying Bay. Today I called them about which Bay numbers they wouldn't be continuing and they faxed me a list of these numbers with a note saying that the numbers with an X beside them have "no stock remaining". The 49-9501G doesn't have an X so you might try calling them again. You can tell them that the list they faxed to Anabel's Framing today showed that number to be in stock.

They should have sent this list to all their customers. The fact that I had to ask for it makes me wonder about Orr's new structure. I like many of their mouldings but if this is an indication as to how their new business model is going to work, I may have to rethink their prominence on my wall.
Was Orr able to tell you of any other former Bay distributors that you could contact about it?
I am hoping that by bringing this back up to the top someone else can help on this one. J.Orr was pretty clear they did not have it and had no helpful info.

Thanks - TL
I don't have a source for that exact moulding, but Emperia has three country esk mouldings with blue flowers A796-4, A922-4, & A852-5