Lite Grip Glass Cleaning

lisa p.

Grumbler in Training
Mar 12, 2002
Williamstown, NJ
Just want to pass along a great new way to clean picutre glass to all picture framers. Purchase a Lite Grip glass cleaning tool and make your glass cleaning easier and safer. No more cuts, no more dust and lint. Best of all you will not scatch the coated specialty glass. Pass it along go to - to the lite grip icon for information. Lisa
I was gonna ask about this thing... I had mentally put it into the "mat-smacker" category (ie, silly). Please describe why you think it is so wonderful... I am confused (so what else is new?) THANKS :rolleyes:

Please 'splain your connection to it/them.

Just a Rabid and enthused user?
Paid by commision?
Consultant or 1099'd?

Just fill in the holes.

Boldface product self promotion is fine, just let us know where you are comming from.

marc the framer
I bought one at the '01 NY EXPO.

1. the clear bumpers hold the lite -- so it doesn't move at all nor do they mark the lite in any way
2. it is expandable-- so adjusts to any size lite
3. it folds up so the table can be used for other things
4. you can put black paper/fc under it to see better

It is one of those things that when you have it you wonder how you ever did without it.
Or you can make what my framer uses. Four small square three foot sticks with clear bumpons on them. Works like a charm. Use as many are you need to support the glass. Total cost about $10.00.
Whether you use ArtLady's idea (I do) or buy the Lite Grip product might depend on the cost of the latter, which I haven't seen in the Decor ads or on the website.

Either approach has the added bonus of simplifying metal frame assembly by raising the glass off the work surface. And, like many of you, I cut and handle my glass with gloves so it requires little or no cleaning unless there's a little speck of ATG on a clean-looking piece of kraft paper that I set it on. So I like having a dedicated surface for glass handling.

Marc, I think you already know the answer to your question, but I agree that it's polite to be up-front.

I hope people don't mind me changing the subject a little, but my question still relates to glass. I have a homemade vacuum press that I built measuring 40 x 60 and covered with a piece of 1/4 glass. The press isn't much to look at, but works like a dream. The only problem is that a piece of glass that big is a little heavy. Trying to lift the glass and balance a piece of artwork ends up looking like an excercise in Tai-Chi. I wondered if anyone had a lead on suction cup device that isn't going to break the bank?


We use a paper covered MDF table top, have never had a problem with it. No fiddling around for starters.
Tom, is it not at all possible to attach gas-lifters to the frame around the sides?

I'm not sure about the gas lifters, but I'll certainly look into them. The only problem might be attaching them to the glass itself. The glass is not framed in, but sits on top of the unit. The weight of the glass serves to give a tight seal.



Harbor Freight Tools (I can't find the catalog) has a suction cup for about $5. I bought two and use them to handle large lites. They work great (especially when placing the lite in the 3000)but leave an easily cleanable ring which is no big deal as I always keep it on the outside.
Al E,

Thanks, that sounds great and it sure beats the $75.00 price I've previously been quoted by those in the glass business.