Has anyone else been playing around with Linux. If I want to wide area network a couple of shops in the future it's worth taking a serious look at.

I've play around Linux with Perl scripting and could write a program that uses the IE4 or Netscape4 browser to take framing orders, give quotes, maintain a customer database, to a single location over dialup lines or the internet.

One of the neat things is the inventory price database has to be maintain at one location not on each computer.

I got my copy of Red Hat Linux in a book for only $ 30.00.
I would like to try Linux, but am leary of installing it on my machine. Not that there's anything wrong with Linux, I'm just not sure how to run mutliple operating systems yet. Let us know how how your experience goes.

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Redhat 5.1 Linux comes with a fdisk that lets you split your drive into many different partitions and install different file systems in. I have Linux, Win98, and DOS 6.22 running WFW. To select the OS at boot you are promted to type nothing (default for Linux), "DOS" for dos6.22 and WFW, or "win98" for Windows98. It was a great GUI with lots of freeware. Learning curve is steep but worth it. If you don't like to fiddle with your computer forget it.