lint free paper

Al E

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Jan 21, 2001
Coffee paper filters are lint free and can be used to clean glass etc. in a pinch. I use Mr. Coffee filters but I guess all brands are similar. They work well.

Al E
Looks like you may have attened Kaye evans class at some time .Or is it you she learned this from? itried this and it does stop the lint bot they are a little small for our likeing.
An other good source for lint free paper is the Clean Room suppliers if you have them in your area.

Also good for cotton gloves.

Clean Rooms as in electronics and pharmaceuticals.

I got the tip from a book entitled "Polish Your Furniture With Pantyhouse-and Hundreds of Offbeat Uses for Brand-Name Products", by Joey Green. It has some very interesting things including the removal of scratches from glass by using Colgate, removing splinters with Elmer's Glue and using Nestea to repair scratched wood to name just a few.

Al E
Al E I have a copy of that book or one very similar .Idon't know the author but i'm going to look. It was agift from my wife . She bought it from QVC. It's how to clean just about any and everything.But I heard Kaye Evans suggest that Years ago in one of her classes.
Al E - Please ya gotta tell me how to remove splinters with Elmer's glue! I am a klutz and I get splinters way too often! I have bought every kind of tweezer in the world and I still end up with painful infections.

Thanks, Framar
The book says:

"Coat the splinter with a drop of Elmer's Glue-All, wait for it to dry, then peel off the dried glue. The splinter should be stuck to it."


Use ReaLemon:

Stop bleeding and disinfect minor wounds. Pour ReaLemon on a cut or apply with a cotton ball.

Interesting to know if it works. Unfortunately, we have to get a splinter to find out!

Al E
Al E - Thanks! Now I can hardly wait for my next splinter! And ya know, I bet WOOD glue would work EVEN better! Thanks for the idea!

Do you have any idea how bad lemon hurts in a cut?!?!?! I know that it helps the cut heal, but OUCH!

Sue May, TBF
Butchers and old deli men (excuse me, senior deli personnel) keep a box of salt handy to dump on wounds. Hurts like nothing you can imagine, but essentially cauterizes the wound.

I get lots of little cuts on my hands that I don't even notice until I get home and slice either lemons or tomatoes while making dinner.Yeowch.