Liner Sources

If you are looking for fabric wrapped liners, I would try MasterSource in CA. They are easy to work with and provide a mind boggling (not in a bad way) array of products to use. Quality is great, and so is service. The number is (800) 881-5191.
Janis, With over 600 fabrics to choose from, and 36 profiles of liner stock . . .

Frank's Fabric for Framers or call Frank direct 888-332-2749 and tell 'em you saw it on the Grumble.

Along with 4-ply, 8-ply, and embossed mats, there are in excess of 26,000 ways to go.

BUT! If you combine a liner with a wrapped mat, your options shoot to over 250,000 variables to suit your customers needs. :D

Makes me exausted just thinking about it.
Yes it is Mark. He became his own entity about 6 years ago. He still is doing the shows and as often as not, he answers his own phones.

This January I will be joining him in a double booth at WFAC in Las Vegas. He's going to do his usual show and I will be running a "hands on, build your own fabric mat" school in the next booth. Should be a lot of fun.
Baer, I've seen Frank at the NY show and knew he was on his own. I was a customer of his from his Framing Fabric days. I just didn't remember his new company name. Will he or you be at the NY show?...Mark
I switched to Raphaels Master Source years ago was always very happy with the service and quality.

Wasn't Frank partnered with Falcon East at some time? Is he still?