Linen liners


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Jul 20, 2005
Hey guys, I'm very new at this and have a plethera of questions. Infact, we haven't opened up shop yet and hope to so in early august.
I have a question about linen liners. I got my corner samples from Shenendoah last week and noticed the linen liners don't have much to them. They don't have a nice outer moulding edge to them, just linen, nothing more. I was wondering if it's easy to add filets to the edge of the liner, and if so how. I'd also like to know your source for linen liners and funky filets. I plan on framing alot of my own art and I just feel it needs this look.
Welcome to the Grumble, artisteric!

I like Raphael's for linen liners. The fabrics are beautiful - and I've always liked their service. Ask for their free information. They pricing may boggle your mind, at first. But keep reading - it will soon make sense. They don't have a web site that I know of, so try "search" for their phone number (I'm not at the shop right now). And most liners come with just the linen, although the inside edge should be nicely finished. There are a few companies that add a small gold or silver fillet to some of their liners (the back edge is under the frame.) Order catalogues or make phone calls.

As for fillets, most moulding suppliers carry them... check the advertising sections in the framing magazines for ideas. Studio has a line of small, simple, well-priced fillets. Larson-Juhl and Roma have larger, more expressive (and more expensive) lines.

As for how to make them... again, check the search function. There are lots of threads there. "Search" (at the top of this page) is your best bet for all kinds of information.

Good luck with your new venture!
They don't have a nice outer moulding edge to them
The idea is you pick the moulding you want for the picture and you "stack" (put around) it with the liner. Clear?
I like Raphael's selection as well. The guy who runs the place (I'm at a loss for his name right now) is AMAZING! He's very friendly, helpful and has done his homework. You have to pay for their catalog, which I was opposed to at first, but it has definitely been worth the investment.
I use Raphaels, too. If you want a classy look, buy the fabric and unfinished liner and do a continuous wrap. No corner seams. Looks far more professional than a chop liner. If you can't do the continuoius liner, they will do it for you.
I use Raphael's and Harvey's; Frank's fabric samples are coming. It does not hurt to have various sources for linen liners as we do for mats and moulding.